Outdoor drying?

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  1. Is it possible to dry my plants outside? It's usually hot and dry for harvest here, if I hang them in a tupperware bin, cut out one side and put up windowscreen, would it dry out?
    Should I give it a go on one of my smaller buds?
  2. I would definitely give it a shot. Perhaps if you put them upside down in brown paper bags on a clothesline type of thing it would work. Let us know if the results if you end up trying it.
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    Just as the other guy said, find a good spot in the shade, and hang them up in paper bags on a clothesline or something similar. I'd check daily for signs of mold and mix them around a little bit.
  4. Yeah I agree. I would put them in the shade (sun can lower the potency of your bud). I would check them for mold each day and turn them.
  5. No, you can't dry outdoors, not allowed. Even though the plant originally came from outdoors and houses haven't been around nearly as long as the plant has, it's impossible to dry outdoors.

  6. im not gonna take a side on whether you can or can't dry outdoors but in the Jorge Cervantes Medical Marijuana Bible there is a pic of nugs drying in a barn, hung from the roof with two huge doors open on either side. i'd call it outdoors seeing as they were out there succeptable to varying wind and temperature, during the day they definately werent in dark but they were shaded. i would call this an example of outdoor drying.


    Jorge Cervantes Grow Bible is the shit. before i found GC, now they're both the shit!!

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