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  1. How do you guerilla grower's handle trimming, drying, and curing your harvest? A large outdoor crop can reek an entire apartment complex out, how do those of you who don't have a secure place to dry get it done, can it be done outdoors? I was thinking of growing this year, but the logistics of getting a crop cured stealthily while still living at home seemed like too much of a hassle. I was mulling a watercure over in my head, maybe just chopping the plants quick, getting off the big fan leaves, and doing a 7 day watercure in a cooler with a drain spout, but then I'd need to find a place to securely keep the cooler and do the daily water changes. Keeping the cooler might work outdoors, but you have to keep the lid open, and you'd get all kinds of bugs and mosquitoes laying eggs and shit in there.
  2. yes i always dry outdoors
    place a slanted tarp (so rain slides off) attached on bushes/small trees
    use a shady spot (no need for sun)
    measure the bud branches you cut to the same height you placed the tarp (so doesn't drag on floor or isn't too visible)
    place wires under the tarp attached to bushes/small trees
    hang bud branches on wires (like a clothes line)
    I leave mine 2 weeks about, don't place on edges of tarp (side rains)

    it's just a tarp (air flow) not a closed tent (mold)

    it really is an excellent method, works perfectly
  3. Was wondering the same question. Thanks Corto! I have 6 girls out there now.
  4. That easy, huh? No problems with insects or mold? I live in New England and it gets very humid in the summer.
  5. no cause once they're cut all processes are stopped
    an english guy taught me this one and it's very humid/rainy where he is
    check on mold before drying as if there already is some it can spread

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