Outdoor drying/Curing ideas?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by milkandtwosugars, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. I have nowhere to dry/cure my bud whatsoever but I have a budget to do something about it. Anyone have any ideas? It needs to be outdoors, would tents work? would it be too cold/damp? Any ideas appreciated.

  2. Most of the time people cut down their plants in fall and hang em whole on clothes lines thats cheap and maybe a tarp

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  3. Another suggestion is too cut the bud, put in a big bag, bring it home (does not smell yet) and then water cure it, it does not smell during the process, only after it is done, it smells for like 1 day when drying.
  4. Heard of drying in paper bags in the woods of new Mexico

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  5. Thanks for the suggestions, I think I'm going to go with a large tent with all the bud hanging and then some battery de humidifiers.
  6. drying outdoors ain't recommended (mold)
    all you need is 4 days in any room with dehumidifiers and fans, simple. 
    or find a shack outside but under a tarp won't work well I've tried it and it ruined my buds
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    What are you smoking. So your flowering plant that smelt oh so good all year will just stop smelling as soon as
    You cut it. Lol.
    Op don't water cure either. It will strip all the flavor and smell from your plant. Don't just hang them outside like other guy said so.
    Drying in a paper bag will still smell.
    God damn so much bad info here.
    Do what corto said.
  8. Shuddduppp.
    I dont give a fuck about taste or smell i just want to get fucking high stop being a dick man.
    For max stealthness do water cure.
  9. Go sniff some paint then. Why grow just to ruin it with a water cure.
  10. i grow it to get fucking high, im not selling it to others that are gonna want "dank" , smell doesnt mean its good.
    water cured weed is the smoothest weed you'll ever hit, and healthiest.
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    The problem with drying outdoors is that when fall comes, even if doesn't rain, the buds will dry a bit under the tarp during the day but re moisten at night. Also, if you manage to pull off a grow outdoors guerilla, just bring it back home or to another place. There are discrete ways to bring it back even for long rides home... Fresh pot will reek for sure.

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