Outdoor drip irrigation system?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by EricSmokesGreen, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Ok so I want to grow outdoors but I live in an apartmnt and have no yard but I found I nice spot in the woods. Bit I can't get out there everyday to water them. So could i set up a drip irrgiation system that uses a tuberware container filled with water then set the dripped to like .001 gallons per hour. If not can anyone suggest a good watering system that doesn't use electricty or my time.
  2. Thanks man, that helps me out alot, I think I'm going to do the first one.
  3. sure no problem. You can post your questions on OP's or CB's threads. They'll help you out if necessary.

    Also look at Backcountry's machine and self watering DIY pots (with a peat wick):

  4. i was thinking of using multiple aqua globes for mine.. or a concept simmilar to it... i figured i can make them quite easilly by attaching a pentube onto the top of a water/soda bottle... and just put like 2 or 3 per plant and they'll be fine for a week cuz they'll have water when they need it

    will that work???
  5. I water myself and the p^lants are fine for 1 week-10days. Just use a water retaining soil mix (peat or promix as a basis). Don't mix this with clay but compost, sand, potting soil, top soil you find out there.

  6. I read somewhere that aqua globes won't work because marijuana plants like looser soil and like they don't need water 24/7, I'm either thinking of doing the first auto waterering thing or planting by a river sonit will water itself. But
  7. Corto, does having water retaining soil actually work well for weed plants, cause some people say it works and love it, but then others hate it.
  8. well, yeah as long as you have some compost, potting soil, worm castings with the peat. Don't mix peat with clay. It depends if you're in a hot region. Use more sand and grit if your region is rainy in the Fall.
  9. Alright thanks man, so I can justblikebpicknup one of the bags of like miracle grow moisture retaining soil and mix it with peat and composte.

  10. Sorry, in the first sentence it was mean to say "just pick up" I was typing on my iPod

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