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outdoor dank

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ohidro77, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. a guy i know gave me some killer og kush that he said was outdoor. it had all the taste and smell of indoor. i was under the impression that all outdoor was above average at best. he said most cali dank was outdoor, could this be true or do yu think he was misinformed?
  2. Well there are many strains outdoor and indoor that are pretty dank. It doesn't really matter if it was grown outdoors if they had shitty maintenance. Though I've found my outdoor dank to taste a little better and the buds were bigger usually. I'd say he was misinformed but i wouldn't hold it against him as long as its good shit. :smoking:
  3. Doesn't really make a difference to be honest...
  4. Smoke it and you'll be able to tell better than some dealer saying his shit is dank
  5. Outdoor is usually better, because after all, the sun is the most powerful grow light.
  6. I've grown outdoor for over 10 years if you use the right nuts. and tend properly outdoor will be better. It only takes 3 things to make outdoor better then indoor. 1. You need to wait as long as it takes to mature. ( most people pull early) 2. Cure it properly and you will get the smell and flavor it was intended to be. 3. Use the right nuts. at the right time.
    Indoor lighting is getting better but if you get a light meter it goes off the chart when you read sunlight. I've never grown indoor so I have little input but both are great and over the 23 years of smoking pot I have tried allot. :smoking:

    Happy smoking and take care everyone

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