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  1. Got myself a single barneys farm critical kush plant outdoor in Scotland UK tempts have been low to average with some days non stop rain and others days sunny but no higher than 23C had her vegging for 5 weeks in which she has exploded with growth , she has been topped cropped and lollipoped and loving it by the looks of her and adapted to the climate I've had her in sowing soil from day one and been using the bio bizz range fish mix in veg and recently started flowering with grow and bloom and topmax she is lush green but I've noticed Brown spots on lower fan leaves and some that have ate right through the leaves , now I have cal mag from plant magic wich I am sure is not organic , would it be ok to use with my organic range ? I have also started to force flower outdoor in a self made dark box but due the stretch it's out growing with high humidity inside how could I naturally ventilate the box as I can't use a fan as it's outdoors and can't take it indoors lol at the moment it's in the box from 9pm til 10am as sun rise and sunset here is 10pm and 5am so for 5 hours the sun is up and the box is shut I can't let light in !

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  2. Oh yeah, looking good! Nice work:pimp:
  3. Cheers bro old mother nature done most of the work tho lmao
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