outdoor cloning method

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by nz_green, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. just an idea - two 12 volt batteries linked and converted to an AC outlett to power a small fluorecent bulb for bringing up clones to transplant outdoors. The cloning box would be outside-hence the batteries. Would this work?
  2. you will have to recharge the batts often, like every day. extension cord!
  3. Extention cord is not an option. So im thinking of using a small generator and have it buried underground to reduce noise and use the generator to charge the batteries if possible. How long till the clones need to be transplanted?
  4. Dont even bother with generators and stuff just put them in a clear container in the sun. They should be ok.
  5. thanks for the help will try this season
  6. Anybody here remember Uncle Ben? H wrote an excellent how to for airlayering clones directly on the mother. If I saved it I'll try to get it shared. The method really works, even for a spaz.
  7. do a search for it, earth girl
  8. just clone in a rubbermaid and take them outside afterwards:)

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