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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by blunted1, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. when should i put my clones that are already rooted, and are about a foot and a half tall outside? and whats the latest i should put them outside?
  2. around end of april, and u should put them in a shade place where only hours of sun hit it...after 1 week, if u see growing rapadly, put it under the sun all day..latezz...
  3. look up and find otu what the last fros in your climate region. ther going to be monsters if the 1'6" now! make sure you put them in big pots but still movable and you might want to top and take even more clones and take out freshly rooted clones with you to! Just use you'r big plants as moms then move them outside.
  4. i was kinda goin for the whole monster thing
  5. you will still have monsters. i was saying you still have one month veg left and i cant see you moving a plant any taller then 2' in a 2 gal pot unless if you have a plot close by. Once the plant gets rootbound in the largers size you can use you either leave it alone and the lower growth will die off, or you can trim the plant and take cuttings and not loose the bottom nodes. this will also make the plant grow many more branches making more budsites and more buds! And with the extra 10 or so clones you can get extra 4-6oz plants! Try to keep your garden organic.
  6. i put out 8in. plants and get about 3-6 footers, depending on strains and growing years.

    clones could go in later in the year and small in stature.

    monster plants are over rated. and easier to spot by ppl other than u.

    gimmie 10 good looking 3 footers anyday over an 8ft bughaven anyday.

    about 2 months before i harvest i put a weight on the stems to get the plant more horizontal to keep it lower to the ground. yea there is more bug or herbivore or lighting problems but that is nuthing compared to havnt to deal with others.

    fyi...i have never told anyone, ever, where my outside grow is. yea i live in the boonies but still...loose lips, sink ships.

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