Outdoor budrot on Autoflowers

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  1. I have some autoflowers going and bud rot is a concern for me. I'm thinking if I cover the plants at night before the dew point hits, and then uncover them a little after sunrise I could shield the bud from the most dew. Anyone know if this would work. I know you can cover plants to protect from frost. So it made me think it might work for dew aswell.
  2. the heat of the sun throughout the day should easily dry off the plants, think about it, lawns dont grow mold now do they?
  3. dew is water coming out of the plant not water from the plantsw surroundings covering it wouldnt do anything
  4. Im sorry but your terribly incorrect, and just to prove my point i got a definition of dew.

    Dew - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    the dew point is related to temp humidity and air pressure. The dew point temp can change depending on thos factors. however by covering the plant the air inside will be warmer then the surrounding air due to the fact it is shielded by the wind. Also humid air retains its heat relatively well. With all of this considered I think that the inside environment might stay a degree or two above the dew point. However the outside of the container will collect the dew. That is my theory. I know grass wont grow mold but that could be for a number of factors. The plant could have a natural resistance to local funguses. The blades are easy permiated with wind. They do not have complex structures that could trap water like the structure of bud. Regular plants don't rot from dew. I know this. I also know the dew will shortly be dried once the sun rises. However from what I gather bud rot occurs regardless of the sun drying the dew through out the day.
  6. yea, but himidity can cause condensation in your container which would mean wet plants, dude seriously listen to me, dew wont bother your plants, ALL PLANTS GET WET, just because they get wet doesnt mean they will rot, think about when it rains, the plants get SOAKED way more than alittle dew, but through the heat of the sun in the day, it drys them off, along with the water running off the plant. it will be fine.
  7. Yah, you make a strong case.. I'm going to take your word on this. If I have some problems, then I'll give my little technique a shot. Thanks for your help!
  8. Anytime, And ive been told that i do make a strong case, and i also have been told i should be a lawyer, but Im a business man instead.
  9. I don't think that will help. In my limited experience, mold happens more as a result of ongoing cool/humid conditions than as an immediate effect of the plant being wet. Make sense? Plant gets rained on, for instance, does not equal mold. Air stays cool and damp all week, equals mold. What are you growing? I found the LR2 x AK hybrid much more susceptible to mold than straight LR2.

  10. Yea there's many other factors to mold, but as long as it gets warm and not humid ten your all set, unless you live in a damp, cool humid climate, ten your fucked

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