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Outdoor Bud Shots

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by BerryWeed, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. please post your outdoor colas and what strain and anything else you'd like to post. BERRRRRRRRYWEEEEEEEEEED!

  2. Following to see what other growers' projects are looking like, haven't started anything myself yet but beginning to study the process and different peoples' setups
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  3. same here bruh. But I look over the outdoor old school colas so beautiful compared to small indo nug. It's almost time to plant seeds here in Oregon again. I'm west of the cascades in Southeast Portland where we grow the best outside nugs in the world. I've seen blueberry get 8 pounds yields back I'm the gorge and afghan goo just grow daaaaaank. Gooey dark colored buds and fresh light green and yellowy Flowers too. If I only had pictures of this guy's honey dew too I'd be famous on here. And the major league blueberry, white rhino, medicine man, my growers vortex, skunk, afghan goo and incredible. Blue rhino, purple humboldt, super silver haze, blackberry goo, atf, blue crystal, pit bull, blueberry cough, chocolate chunk, purple mazar, black betty, permafrost, Obama, polio, mlb, sour diesel and chunks of snap shatter bigger than my hand + more.

    I study grows too ^
  4. romulan, mango, PAPAYA Was My Favorite Of his, SHISKABERRY You Name It This Guy Probably Grew It.
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  5. come on I know you guys got pics from your last harvest share the beauty of your work!
  6. And I would advise choosing one simple method than you know is going to work for each step of the process and just do it and stick to it.
  7. Check out the smoke report section and the Papaya my friends evaluated.

    nothing is too hard for those who do not have to do it for themselves
  8. Thai hybrid landrace


    P1000710r.JPG P1020325r.JPG

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  9. Yesssssss that's the way I like the colas To look and old school kind too Thai. I think Thai is above the papaya for me papaya had a better taste but Thai has that land race look that I love.
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  10. I only had one plant. It was a papaya strain that was relatively successful. I grew her in my back yard so I trimmed her waaay too much due to paranoia.

    Here are a couple pics I took of her journey.






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