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  1. Hi guys, first time grower here. I am growing some plants outside some in garden some in 5 gal buckets.
    Started in April from seeds, had a rough start with too much nutes for my seedlings but recovered fine.
    From what I can tell they are Indica strain, that's all I know, got them from a friend who got them from a friend etc. One of my bucket plants started flowering which is surprising it could be an auto flowering one it's about 3' tall or can stress from being in a 5gal be too much for it and forced it to flower ?
    Now that's it seems to be in it's flowering stage what should my NPK ratio be and how much to water it feeding schedule should be like ? Been using 24-8-16 MG for veg stage.

    Any help welcome.
  2. What light cycle were they under before moving it out? The amount of dark hours matter. Plants under 24,c18 even 16 hours of light can flower on you from that big change of difference.
  3. I had them under light for 16 hrs for about 3 weeks until they got 3" tall then my buddy told me they looked small and to light them 24/7 so I did for a few weeks then put them outside (gradually) around first week of May. Probably should have kept them at 16hrs. This is the only plant displaying this the others are fine under the same conditions and in Veg stage and I expect those to flower late summer.
  4. Yup putting them on 24/7 killed your harvest. Next year get it down to 15 and you be fine
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    If they are not autos, expect them to take 2-3 weeks to revert back to veg. You will notice the plant getting confused, like a teenager going through puberty. You wont see any real growth, they will just be sitting there, then little by little the leafs will start to curl, doing weird Fibonacci spirals that follow the path of the overhead sun as the plant wonders, "WTF is going on. I had all this light, and now its 15/9, I don't know what to do! I need therapy!" and after a bit, "Hmm..well I guess I should still be in the veg stage". The plant will slowly start pushing out little grow shoots out of the buds/flowers and slowly revert back to veg. This is for non-autos. The plants will be bushy and possibly dense, so you may need to thin it out a little so air and light can get inside the foliage.

    As far as NPK, bloom NPK values for an "all purpose" fertilizer might be something like 5-20-20 or 5-15-15 or 3-20-20 or something like that.
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  6. This is only on one plant , I'll wait and see how the others do.
  7. Consider that a miracle and get your groove on!!
  8. It should not be autoflowering. I put the plants out beginning of May it kept growing no flowering until a week ago , anyway I'll keep an eye on it and see what happens.
  9. Not sure if this is related but two of my plants different ones were male I saw the pollen ball cluster forming should this be happening at this stage ? Were the males affected like that one plant flowering ? I cut and threw out the males last week. The rest show no white pistils yet no sack either so waiting..
  10. That HAS happened to me before. I remember (was it last year, or year before?...I'm getting old..lol) I put out plants around Mothers Day. I had the clones since March and had them under 18/6 light. And I think I didn't gradually match to the outside light cycle enough so when early June hit, they started to bloom. After 3 weeks or so they finally started to revert back. Plant turned out ok--didn't get as big as I wanted it to, but that was ok, I didn't want the plant to be "too discoverable". Now, I try to put them out closer to June 1st and try to match more precisely the daylight/nighttime schedule. These 2 sites are invaluable for that:


    Sunrise, sunset, dawn and dusk times around the World
  11. okay thanks good to know I may still be able to grow some bud .. after my NOOB screw up :)
  12. Take these events as a good learning moment. Screw ups are good. They really are. They WILL make you into a better grower. I think its good to experiment, fuck up, repair/salvage, etc., etc. It will only add to your knowledge, trust me. And unless its completely catastrophic, you will get a decent harvest too. They call it 'weed' for a reason, and they will come around. If it was late July/August I would say your fucked, but since we are just past Solstice, I think there *should* be enough daylight still to "smack" some sense into the little bitches.heheh. Good luck. Keep a grow journal, something you can reference to help others, or should you encounter this again. I'm sure you will do fine.

    My very first grow, was a complete and utter failure. No usable bud. In fact, I ripped out the plants. This was indoor. I haven't done indoor again (just outdoor for me now), except for seedlings/clones. On that crop, I didn't have any ventilation, and the closet got super hot. I really didn't know what I was doing. But. even in failure, I got the knowledge of what NOT to do, next time. You will do fine.
  13. I went in got a smart outlet that I can control from my phone and a set timer. Made weaning my plants off the light effortless.may be looking for a good harvest with a month of veg to go and wasting no time reverting from flower back to veg like past years! Check me out and hit sub!!

  14. Nice! I bet that makes aligning to the light schedule nice and effortless! Good idea.
  15. Forsure dropped em a few min everyday. Didnt stress em at all. I wish I would have accumulated them to the sun would have took off a few weeks sooner.
  16. Progressing nicely since mothers day

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  17. This may seem disconnected so bear with me as I'll pass along some of the things I know and have learned the hard way.

    Getting a good time match to move plants out for summer is one of the harder things to get down.
    14.5 is the actual trigger for most cannabis strains. At 15 they veg and at 14 they flower.
    Just sprouted seeds are not light aware for the first month or so.
    Clones are adult plants and light sensitive at any size.
    For plants you plan on moving outside run them as close to the trigger point as possible. 15-9 or 16-8 if they show flower at 15.

    Any sudden change that shortens the day hours will trigger flower. 24-0, 20-4, 18-6 will all trigger flower if moved outside.
    The only real veg period outside is the month before and the month after the summer solstice. June 21st. Plan everything around June and July because come August 1st the days have shortened enough to trip the fastest strains and the rest will only be a week or 10 days behind.
    Latitude 33 here and this will change some as you get further north.

    So what does this all mean in the real world ?

    Plant seeds outside directly in the ground no sooner the May first. Remember seeds are light unaware the first month. By the time they are a month old we are into June and it's veg time.

    Clones and seeds started before May need to be considered Adults and should be run on 15-9 or 16-8 and set out no sooner then June 1st.

    Pick a light schedule and stick with it. You can add hours of light per day but subtracting triggers flower unless done very, very slow. Far slower then most are will to work with. It's actually faster to start new plants on the new shorter time slot.

    Some strains are less affected by this then others. I've got a mixed bag of fully flowered, Half flowered and not at all flowered and they all came from a 24-0 veg room. I expected all of them to flower hard like they have in the past but this was a mix of seeds and clones and even I got fooled. Our screwy, cool, overcast, rainy, spring has a lot of the yard confused.

    It's to late in the season and you can't change what the plants will do at this point except to let them be. It'll be what it is come late Oct when you harvest. Growing outside is always interesting. Some years are golden and some years are crap. It's all good strength but appearance can vary a lot depending on fall conditions.

    If your seeing flower it's time to start spraying for caterpillars.
    BT once a week every week till harvest.
    Green Cure for the Powdery Mildew your bound to get isn't a bad idea.
    Can substitute household baking soda for that if your feeling extra poor. But you have to use BT. The Caterpillars will destroy all your work. I lost my first big outside crop to the little shitters.
    Bacillus Thuringiensis for caterpillars. Once a week every week.
    Local garden center should have BT for keeping tomatoes free of horn worms.
    Green Cure. Local Hydroponic shop stocks. Used to keep wine grapes clean. Potassium Bicarbonate.
    Once a week every week.


    Mother Nature seems to keep most of the rest of the pests in check. I'll find a few nibble marks but nothing serious. All the above products are Organic rated and safe. I used the cannabis grown with it as my daily medication.

    Running a bug zapper close by helps to limit the moths that are the trouble in the first place.
    I run a 15 watt like this very near the plants and it doesn't affect the flowering at all.

    See nothing to it.
    You CAN grow awesome weed outside but it does take some effort on your part to insure it's a clean crop.

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  18. The funny thing is that my buddy who happens to be a grower said to put them under 24/7 and I even asked if that would affect the flowering process , he said no. But he's an indoor grow guy then again he should have known better ..
  19. This is the plant in question.

    flowering.png flowering-full.jpg
  20. Great post @BrassNwood, good info, thanks. Can I ask what happens if seeds are started today and slipped in the garden? They would hit the ground likely 7/1 or so. Short but still grow bud? I’ve chased this question around cyberspace and still not completely sure. Again, good post. I’m a poor baking soda grobro. :smoking:

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