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  1. Hi, Can anyone tell me where is Costa Colida, you can buy one of the large outdoor BBQ Ovens. I think they are clay possibly. I see plenty of Gas or Metal BBQ's but none of the large clay / concrete ones.

    Any idea's ?


    Mike Colady
  2. Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. The Costa Cálida is the approximately 250 km stretch of Mediterranean coastline of the Spanish province of Murcia. This region has a micro-climate which features comparatively hot mean annual temperatures and a relative degree of aridity.

    There you go!
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  4. Yep, exactly!
  5. [​IMG]
    east of Gibraltar I got a buddy their Germans love the place

    you don't want a Spanish BBQ you don't wanna pay the freight

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  6. Simply you nailed it man!!!

    Wasn't expecting such a precise information. Thanks again!!!
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    I have been their since, the above post was helping a buddy complete his, the clay ovens are diy made to cook party pizzas, and later bread, heat proof stones are added at the rear inside
    interesting: a large bunch of sticks 3ft? are set fire inside for 30mins then raked out and then breads slides in

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  8. I use a Weber Gas grill with a pizza stone and it bakes excellent pizza. I haven't tried making bread on it yet. But, I'm sure it would bake excellent bread as well. What is your goal for this type of oven? I'd consider your fuel source availability when making your choice.
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  9. down south here , we have a big can and burn wood in then shovel out coals and surround the edges of the pit or what not your using.
    whole hog is placed split opened on grill and right at 3 ft off the ground, expanded metal across it , hog is cooked bone down and the coals are place around the 2 long side edges , you have a temp guage and keep the hog going until it almost or ready, then we put another sheet of expanded metal over the hog, lift and turn over and let the skin cook to cracklins , good stuff hahaha .
    get done cooking the hog , tear down the cinder blocks and clean your mess and have a pulled pork hoe down hahah
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  10. currently eating a venison and rosemary pie just cooked in one ...but too salty otherwise ////fine!
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  11. I built my own, it cost under $200 the lot:
    IMG_20201230_181846.jpg IMG_20201230_181932.jpg IMG_20201230_181954.jpg IMG_20210104_170504.jpg IMG_20210210_132446.jpg
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