Outdoor bagseed, sprouted july 4! no nutrients, socal with 100+ degree weather

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  1. Im growing a cannabis plant in pretty much plain dirt outside, I know I started very late in the season I just wanted to give it a shot. Seed was sprouted outdoors as well. Bugs did eat a little bit of the leaves but I don't think its a big problem. its my first grow, I just want to know if my plants on track.(if its big enough for a plant that sprouted July 4th and is it healthy? ) thanks feedback will be greatly appreciated! :)

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  2. I would start giving it ferts but then again it may stress it to be male or hermie. Let it grow and it's perfectly healthy as the pictures tell!
  3. as long as the growth is nice and green, leave it alone. When some of the leaves begin to turn light green or even yellow give it some food with nitrogen. In about two weeks maybe, MAYBE give it some light Phosphorous to promote bud development. Remember it's a weed.

    "maybe" top it soon. not needed though.
  4. SW summers are hot. if it's bag seed you'll be fine. Just do not over feed.

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