Outdoor Bagseed Grow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by Vincent16, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. These plants are about 3 days old, and more seeds are germinating. I originally messed up my first 9 seeds, and killed all but one by burying them too deep. So this is technically my second grow attempt, which is going perfectly thus far. For now, heres pics of the plants.

    Pic 1: The red circle is around the sprouting seedling, with the seed shell still attached.


    Pic 2: 2 sprouted seedlings, first two leaves have developed, and the second set of leaves is beginning to sprout.

    Check back for more updates on the plants progress, and for pics of the newer ones after the seeds are germinated.

    - Vince
  2. it might be a little cold still to have them outside, the ones in the cups, u should bring them indoors and either throw them on a window sill or under a light.
  3. the outside is 70 deg at night, and 80+ deg in the day. Bad temps?
  4. lol ooh nvm then bradda. GL keep us posted
  5. well i brought them inside and set them on my windowcill, its a little chilly out, but ill just bring them back out in the morning. Those are just 3 of the plants, i have another 20 seeds germinating, and then i just threw a shitload of bagseed into a paper towel, so if any of those germinate then more plants, haha.

    - Vince
  6. haha thats exactly what im doing, I germinated 15 seeds, and im growing some indoors and the others i just planted outside in random places. Ill be watching your grow man.

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