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  1. I germinated some bag seeds, planted them three weeks ago. I kept them in a sunny window sill until they grew a little and it got warmer, I kept them in the window for a week maybe? I had four seedlings. Then, two weeks ago, I put them outside on a balcony with tons of sunlight. I've kept them well watered but definitely not overwatered. One appeared to be a weakling and died off. Its gotten pretty cold in the past week, about 40 degrees overnight, but they don't seem to be unhealthy, they're just small i believe. Each plant is a bit different in size, two are growing their second leaf sets and one is about to start growing its second leaf set. They're not more than two inches tall, a little shorter than the picture below. Is it just me, or are they really small for three week old plants in great sunlight? They appear healthy. I have them in plastic cups, should i plant them in bigger pots?

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    I did a indoor grow for about 2 weeks and then I transplanted it to outdoors.this is a pic of it from the time period your in


    it seem to me that indoor plants grow at thire a great pace indoors all through out thire all whole lives.but if you take them outside and transplant them they seem to grow at thire own pace and take thire times.but I am think about buying some really good strains growing them indoors for 2 weeks then transplanting them outdoors simply because they seem to come out more healthier but thats just my opinion.and sorry for the bad english/grammar im terrible
  3. Your soil looks to me like pure peat moss (what is acidic and to airly for canna).
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    Thanks both of you, and
    idno if that's referring to me or the other poster, but I'm using miracle grow potting soil.
    That's not my picture it just represents what my plants are looking like.
  5. to you ofc, you start thread.

    I never have used miracle soil, really no experience with it, but it still looks tooo light from picture.
    Try to find some stuff for roots system improving + something for fungi

    it will improve your soil and plants

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