outdoor auto hermie?

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  1. these are my samsara seed thunder bloody mary autos, about 2 week into flower. just went out to examine them, and noticed these pod looking things. are the hermied?

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    No, those are the Calyxes. It's what the pistils protrude from, and what the seed develops in.
  3. calyxes maybe?
  4. Yeah I remembered. haha

    But no it's not a hermie.
  5. thanks for the input WTM, just did a google search of pictures of calyxes and thats definitely what they are!

    thought i was gunna have to get rid of these two little plants for sure so they didnt pollenate the rest of my harvest.

    +rep ^
  6. Yeah good thing.
    But still be careful though because auto-flowers are known to herm. easy.
    Don't stress her too much.

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