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  1. 2 of my plants are in early veg and I grow them under 4 42 watt cfl's (yes I know probably not enough lumens) so from the hours of 7AM to 5 PM I actually have room in my garden and I was wondering if it would help if I put the plant outside for 10 hours and than placed it back under the CFL's for 7 more hours.Or am I better off keeping it in doors?
  2. Leave it outdoors and move a light outside and set it to come one for a hour or two twice during the night turning off at midnight. This will keep the plant in veg by interrupting its sleep cycle.

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  3. Can't completely move the plant out.only have certain hours where space is available.I just want to know if it's better for me to put it in the sun and than back to the cfl's at night or to just do the cfls.I appreciate the response though
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  4. Definitely. Sunlight is more powerful than artificial lighting.
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  5. Great.Plants are 2 weeks into veg and gonna do an outside inside routine for another 2 weeks and than gonna start early flowering.I know it won't yield a ton,but hopefully I get about an oz or so
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  6. Only a 4 week veg time total? I would go longer imo. But, this is your grow. Good luck. Any other questions, fire away.
  7. Yup. I know it's not long.unfortunately circuimstances have pushed it to that
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  8. I can relate to that. I was forced flip sooner than I wanted to but they are looking good. You have any pics of your plants?
  9. On my way home now.Will take pics of the plants and everything else.Thanks for the help man
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  10. This idea has merit. I (in SoCal) was having a hard time keeping clones in veg. Was planning a stricly sunlit lighting option. Then I read about the Gas Lamp Routine. Used the sun for growth during the day, brought em inside for an hour or 2 of artificial light right in the middle of their sleep cycle. Kept 'em vegging, and I was surprised at how much the plants seemed to respond to the artificial light at night. I still couldn't veg to monster size, but at least I got em decent sized before putting em out to flower. Best of luck.
  11. Yes as much as possible

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