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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Bubbagangoosh, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. hey everyone, i just joined this board, ive used it in the past for some indoor advice, but this board is amazing. Im a bit of a veteran indoor grower, but i only grow 2 plants at a time inside and usually yield about 2 ounces each of widow. But now as spring is coming and im looking to just move on to outdoor growing. ive got a perfect place that has amazing soil, great water source as its next to a river, and very unfriendly to animals. some questions ive got though is i live in new england, and ive heard to place plants open facing east so they get more sun light? also pine trees around are good for acidic soil? and ive got a bunch of ocean forest soil left from indoor grows, that should be fine right? and also if there are any new englanders, i plan on transplanting first week in may, any different suggestions? If you have any more advice id appreciate it, ill keep reading the grow guides til then.
  2. Hi. Pine tree soil might be too acidic for mj. Don't use it all (bring your onw) or add wood ashes or dolomite lime to raise the pH. Don't put lime with the manures. If you do, make sure you lime 1 month before adding manures; Water source is a great plan. Sounds good. You can grow more than 2 outdoors. You'll be getting more per plant. Use a peat or Promix based mix. Prep your holes with manure 1 month before using them.

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