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  1. Wuts up guys took a few pics last time i was out thought i would share em and u guys could tell me what u think:hello: Ive decided to go with 3 plants for my first time growing but i feel ive did enough homework to make each yield i good amount for my personal uses. I goin to planting GHS WW in all three holes ive been thinkin bout add 1 or 2 more plants but probably wont. You guys think it possible for me to get a yield of a pound dry weight of each white widow?

    1-3 are of the holes ive dug so far and the area round em
    4 is kinda a concern for me but its the only choice i really have for a grow spot. its a fence of my neighbors house they have a huge backyard the use for boarding horses and sometimes the private school kids who live there ride there dirt bikes around the back of their yard and might around this fence.
    Now i know this seems kinda sketch considering im goin to have 6ft prob taller plants back there but these people are rich are fuck and highly doubt they even would step foot in the woods. But i cant feel but help worried the might see me moving tools back and fourth so ive decided once i has them planted im only going out at night or late evening. ive also moved cut brush and i cut down about 50 thorn plants and arranged them all along the paths i had made to my plants and made a new one for me to to get to them by entering from my yard not next to theres near as much but hopefully the thorns will stop people/animals for going near.
    5 is the view i have from standing where my plants will be i can see my neighbors huge house barely the roof/3rd or 4th floor its hard to tell what my woods will look liek during the summer cause all the green leaves i hope its alittle camouflaged

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  2. You could possibly be more discrete during the daytime. If you're out behind your neighbor's house at night using lights, you might get shot.
  3. nah its not possible for them to be in the house and see me at my spot even if it is night im saying when im walking back there they could see me during the daytime at night they have no way of knowing
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    do what my friend used to do when he was testing outdoor spots... he would take a big red piece of posterboard and nail it to a tree and tape a 10 dollar bill in a ziplock bag to it. if the bill was still there after a week he would use the spot. the reasoning is the red board is very noticeable as will be 3 random huge ass weed trees in the middle of a clearing by your neighbors. if they dont notice a big red board with some money taped to it, they wont see the trees

    also take some pics that can be enlarged, cant tell much from a bunch of little tiny pictures
  5. Wow. That's a fantastic idea. Thanks man.:)
  6. Take a piece of good advice and don't go with the risky spot. Also, I think 1 pound dry bud per plant is not impossible under the very best conditions, but I grew some good sized plants last year and got 9oz per plant.
  7. My last grow was White widow - my best lady gave me 26 ounces of dried/cured. I was growing in 50 litre pots.
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    Your spot doesn't seem too good to me. I plant in the forest forest yuu know, semi mountainous area. AVOID people and houses unless the spot is ona steep slope full of brambles and invisible to people. Your spot seems in thje middle of some local tall trees that will give too much shade in the summer. I don't use the dollar bill trick as I'm not worried about reg. people discovering my spots (they are lost in the middle of nowhere, 30 minutes by car from the closest town. So my advice is no. Sorry but this could save you a very bitter surprise in Fall. You heard what the other boys said too. Good luck with finding some nicer spots. The fact that you are limited to a few plants means yours spots aren( stealthy. I chose out of 12 spots before choosing 4. Look for an elevated flat area in a homogeneous remote semi mountainous or marshy landscape,ok man?
  9. This would work real good aroun here cuz if you are out in these woods you got no business bein there anyways the main thing we have to worry about is people riding fourwheeleres around here you just have to be sure to go way off path and make sure you dont make even a tiny trail cuz if they think they can squeeze a fourwheeler thru it they will do it. But the woods up in north GA around alpharetta are WAY different than down here in south GA everything here is flat and its all tall pines. Not as much traffic in the woods up there though.
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    o nice u live in southen. Ya in the north around alpharetta where im at its just alot of loaded people, 2 house that are behind mine are over 3mil houses, they board horses and shit. Im not doin the red posterboard idea(feel it would attract way more attention then the plants ever would, but i did put up a 20 dollar bill out there for 2 weeks, they rode there dirt bikes along the fence line in the pic above a couple times during this time didnt see it. Im still planning on growing here despite all the negative comments i have on my spot, ive looked and all other possible spots would be a complete bitch gettin to during the night. Probably make at least 90% of my watering trips during night throughtout the whole season just to be extra careful. Il probably go out there tomarrow and cut down a couple trees that are making shade on my holes giving them 5-6 hrs direct sunlight. Hopefully this will be a good 1st year
  11. Yeah I use to live up there near you in covington and conyers GA I never grew up there but i always thought about all the kudzu that is up there i was going to try and pull a patch out of the middle of a large patch on a hillside one time and plant in the middle of it but i never did i figured it would probaly grow back pretty quick.
  12. if your woorried about being seen by your neighbors.GET NIGHTVISION
  13. ya u kno how much a pair of goggles cost tho?
  14. hey have night vision scopes at walmart now i got one for 150 bucks they arent goggles but they work pretty good. If you use it for too long you will be walking around with one eye closed haha
  15. Plants should never be bother at nights. I'll suggest you find other place. Too sketchy.
  16. am i the only one who thinks that plot isn't getting enough sun? it seems like once those trees fill in that section of woods will be fairly shaded. i could be wrong, but when planting in the woods like that i look for as big a section of fallen trees as possible. every year it happens and there are new plots of sunshine waiting to be planted in.
  17. thats too sketchy for me no thanks

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