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outbreak of the happy dance

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. throughout the city there has been numerous reports of blades breaking out in what has become known as the happy dance. symptoms are first reported usually after the blade finds out he or she will be getting stoned shortly, and include a funny dance, shouting, and cheering. it is easy to spot someone who has been affected because they are often seen ::doing the happy dance:: if you or anyone you know has experienced these symptoms.... BLAZE ON!


    have a nice day :)

    ::does happy dance::
  2. Went to a party the other night
    All the ladies were treating me right
    Moving my feet to the disco beat
    How in the world could I keep my seat
    All of a sudden I began to change
    I was on the dance floor acting strange
    Flapping my arms I began to cluck
    Look at me..I'm the disco duck

    Disco Duck: Ah get down mama, I've got to have me a woman, ha ha ha ha ha
    Chorus: Disco, disco duck
    Disco Duck: Got to have me a woman
    Chorus: Disco, disco duck
    Disco Duck: Oh get down mama
    Chorus: Try your luck, don't be a cluck, disco
    Disco Duck: Disco
    Chorus: Disco
    Disco Duck: Disco
    Chorus: Disco
    Disco Duck & Chorus: Disco
    Chorus: Disco disco duck
    Disco Duck: All right
    Chorus: Disco disco duck
    Disco Duck: Ah get down mama, oh mama shake your tail feather, ha ha ha ha ha

    When the music stopped I returned to my seat But there's no stoppin' a duck and his beat So I got back up to try my luck Why look

    Disco Duck: Everybody's doin' the
    Disco Duck & Chorus: Disco, disco duck
    Disco Duck & Chorus: Disco, disco duck
    Chorus: Try your luck
    Disco Duck: Wave to me
    Chorus: Don't be a cluck
    Disco Duck: I'm so happy to be here
    Chorus: Disco
    Elvis Presley: Thank you duck
    Chorus: Disco
    Elvis Presley: For gettin' down
    Chorus: Disco disco disco
    Elvis Presley: Thank you so very much
    Chorus: Disco duck
    Disco Duck: You're welcome
    Chorus: Disco Disco Duck
    Chorus: Try your luck, don't be a cluck, disco, disco, disco..
  3. HAQhahahahah

    ::doing the happy dance::

    LOOKIE I'm

    ::Doing the dirty dance::

    Dirty dancing is for me!!!!!!!
  4. OH NO!!! it's worse than i thought... the happy dance has some how mutated into the dirty dance??? the horror... the horror...

    oo... wait a minute... i think i left some cobbler at church...

    ::does happy dance and runs back to church::

    mmm... peach cobbler :)
  5. Georgia peach cobbler???????? yummy
  6. :::::::::doing the happy dance:::::::::

    I haven't been to church lately....maybe I should run to church, too, and get down on my knees and beg for forgiveness.

    ::::::::still doing the happy dance:::::::

  7. :::::::::::::happy dancing that everyone likes the happy dance::::::::::

    shake that thang!

    Attached Files:

  8. UI hope I'm preaching while your on your knees. I'd enjoy that!!!!!!!!! LOL

    Mrs. D and the happy dancing frog.. LOL!!!!!

  9. not a frog, thats me...I've smoked so much pot I turned green....

  10. LMAO

  11. was there any doubt that this would happen?!!
  12. kidding definately have to have just a little bit of tramp in you to get the extra benefits of the city LOL

  13. LOL, special peach cobbler... mmmm

    ::salivates on keyboard::

  14. or those of us who get it occasionally and just want some more! ;)

    I see it as harmless fun too, I certainly don't make innuendo's to those I think it will offend. It seems everyone that does join in the explicit conversations just have a slightly quirky sense of humor, I doubt anyone is REALLY like this .... (well, except maybe BudHead...heheh)

    and I am truly apologetic if I have offended anyone....

    Bad Dingus...bad bad dingus.... :(

  15. I have to take up for my city blades....they do not talk disrespectfully to ANYONE...even with the sexual suggestions...I have never seen them pick on anyone that hasn't given it right back to them ten-fold....
  16. Chill Melteye

    :::: doing the happy pole dance::::::

    Oh shit it must have mutated again ;)
  17. Some of you folks have known each other for a long time...seems to me just like family cuttin' up and havin' fun... no harm intended. Some of it is sooooooooooo highlarious!!!!

  18. LMAO!!! hahaha. it's got a mind of it's own? lol, tha happy pole dance...

    ...wonder why the pole's so happy!?!! ;) :D

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