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outa body expreince

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Soto, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. well yesterday started out as a great day in florida so me and my freind decide to go skate for a bit witch was cool and then we get the bright idea to smkoe a few bowls witch was cool idea at the time but keep in mind its like 90 some deegrees outside and humid as we smoke and start skatin agin iam getin winded pretty easily at this point so i go sit in my garage in front on a fan and iam startin to zone out hard vision getin all fucked up and sounds are muffled ....iam not sure if it was due to smokin in the heat while skatin or wat but when i stood up i was in a whole nother place i aparntly passed out and busted my head on the dam floor but those few seconds i was gone were was most intense high feeling ive ever had in my life but yea i thought id share that with yall and id like to no if yall think i mite of had a heat stroke or if it was the combo of smokin and overheatin ...all i know is i was fuckin completly gone to another planet for a minute or so
  2. A similar thing happened to me a few months ago on the subway in New York. It was around 90 degrees and the train was packed, i had to stand from Manhattan to the last stop in Queens and i had just smoked around an 1/8 w/ my homeboy. I was looking at the rooftop graffiti and all of a sudden i started to get an intense feeling like i had jus smoked an ounce and i got real lightheaded and started busting out sweating like a pig and i hadda sit on the train floor ... it was real weird.
  3. Being outside in extreme heat sucks when you're high
  4. you could think of it that way if you want, but when it comes down to it you blacked out, or had a heat stroke, neither of which are a very good thing
  5. I think the heat just intensifies the feeling of most psychoactive drugs. Maybe your body temperature was slightly elevated, but THC intensified the feeling of elevated temperature making you feel beyond high. I remember I tried walking my dog after getting high. It was maybe a bit over 90 degrees, and when I was outside I felt so fucking high my vision started to get distorted, like it would back in the newbie days, but it started getting really intense, so I decided to turn back really quickly and get in the house. I felt a lot better being in the cool environment.
  6. I would say that you cought moderate heat stroke, sorry about ur head. I have herd that cannibis dehydrates u slightly(probly no more then smoking a cigg). not really sure if its true or not but i would watch out for heat and activity like that
  7. That used to happen all the time to me before I built up a tolerance, and I smoked alot.

    It's like you are about to pass out and you can't stand so you run to lie down. One time in grade uhhh 10 maybe? Awhile ago anyways, me and some buddies were smoking in his room when I was about to pass out , went outside saw a matress lying on the ground passed out for 10 minutes. I got up walked in and they were like what the hell man where did you go I was just like I DON'T KNOW!!! Ya it was fucked.
  8. Ya the heat will really get to you when you blazed out - It happened to me the other day in a car
  9. LOL at first I thought you said "shit" :D
  10. Okay,

    A similar thing happened to me LAST NIGHT!!

    I was at Tai Chi, we smoked before :bongin: and then we had just started out. We started off just standing with our knees bent, our butts tucked in and our backs straight in a relaxed state, breathing and being centered in all your weight, feeling your body shifting from one side to the other. It's hard, try it! :hide:

    Then we had to close our eyes, once I did that, I feel like I entered a state of sleep or unconsciousness. :hippie: I was standing in a room, with a dozen of other people, and felt like I was the only one there. I opened my eyes and saw blue spots, and my vision fading. My hearing was also fading. I was going into another world. I felt dizzy and barely able to stand up. I was out of breath, like I couldn't speak. I told the instructor: "I don't feel very well. I DONT FEEL VERY WELL!!" I screamed at him because I couldn't hear myself! :eek: LOL! I went and sat down.

    I felt like such a loser, :( I waited out the entire class. Never thought I'd flake out like that. I sat down and drank a little bit of water, and came back to reality. :wave:

    This is the 2nd time that this has happened to me. Water has always helped bring me back to life, and into minds of consciousness.

    Very scary feeling, believe me! :bolt:
  11. dude oaken wat you said was exactly how i felt haha pretty crazy feelingand this smile thing explains it perfect lol:hippie:
  12. Ah....heat stroke. Not too much fun, is it?

    Last time I had a heat stroke I was sober, though I distinctly remember looking up at the cieling, my vision getting suddenly insensly white, and waking up on the floor moments after.
  13. I live in a very hot and humid place, so yes, I think that's what might have happened, a heat stroke, or a mild case of narcolepsy! I'm not sure which ones worse. Narcolepsy can be kinda cool.

    I tend to feel like I'm "fighting" these feelings off. I've never passed out in my life, and I'm good at talking myself out of puking my guts out.

    I believe I've even over-dosed on some other kinds of drugs, but somehow kept myself alive and "cool" at all times. Laid on the bathroom floor naked to keep my body temperature from going up too high.

    I know exactly what you went through... it sucked so bad last night. I was in front of a lot of people too, so I was extremely embarrassed. The time before, I was only in front of my then girlfriend.

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