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Out of weed but I may have a backup

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JebusChrist, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Thanks to one of my dealers leaving the game and another no longer picking up his phone I am dependent on other friends getting shit for me whenever they go, which blows. I am currently and really want to get a bit high tonight.

    I have over the past few months accumulated a bit of crystals in my grinder. If I collect them all up, think I would be able to get a little high by smoking them in my spoon?
  2. Absolutely. If you can manage to find even a little chunk of nug, put that nug at the bottom of your bowl so the powered crystals don't fall through. No worries if it does though, just res-hit your bowl and you'll probably light up whatever fell down there
  3. just dont inhale alot of butane or any at all
  4. That little stuff is called keif. Its just pure THC pretty much (the stuff that gets you high) so yes you can get very high off of them. :D
  5. I think I overestimated how much there is, I have a tiny little mound the size of a mosquito bite or the volume of an average sized booger ( I know, a horrible comparison).

    Will this amount do anything or should I just keep saving?
  6. A few months worth? A little? You should have all kinds of kief in that thing to roll a little ball of hash on your fingertips.
  7. How's you're tolerance?
  8. I don't smoke on a daily basis and even when I first got the grinder I preferred just using my hands when I used my bubbler. Then I started rolling a lot more and started using the grinder. Even then I don't smoke a crazy amount between my schedule and school.

    My tolerance is descent. It's been a while since anything has put me on my ass(I miss those days) but doesn't take a crazy amount to simply get me buzzed(depending on quality of course).
  9. dude kief is mad potent, the highest i've ever gotten is off of kief/hash.

    Just use a screen/glass screen, or something to plug the hole of your spoon or else you'll just suck it through. Use something other then your hands to collect the kief, like a small plastic scraper or a stiff piece of paper.
  10. Yeah, you'll get high. Light that bitch up!

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