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out of weed and LOST!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sexweed325, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. i am out of weed....i just polished off my 14g mids bag and i am dry as hell.

    whats worse is that my 2 regular dealers both stopped selling at the SAME TIME. :mad::mad:

    how weird is that? they probly had the same supplier and that supplier probly stopped. oh well.

    im lookin for weed. im even checking craigslist hahaha :smoke:

    any advice on how to easily find weed like NOW?!?
  2. you know this thread is posted time and time again daily?
    Search engine. Use the fucking thing.
  3. A simple deductive reasoning should lead you to the obvious conclusion: Buy some more

    Or you can go buy some spice.
  4. Jack demands, "WE HAVE TO GO BACK, KATE."
  5. damn dude do you really need it that badly

    I'd just chill out for a few days, no big
  6. call friends and ask if they know anybody, kinda an easy answer but it always works for me, if you're really jonesin', you could call friends who live like an hour or so away and see if they know anything cause they'll definitely have different dealers, but thats last resort
  7. MAN i've never been just scary
  8. Hit sum resin if you can't sleep it may suck at first but u will get used to it hahah

  9. Lmao I hope im not the only on who got this reference.
  10. sorry guys i was feandin. this thread sucks lol
  11. :laughing::smoking:

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  12. well op best advice is dont smoke it all and you would actually have some i have a quarter and its lasting me fine its some high mids though this will keep happening if you dont gain some self control over your toking. control the herb dont let it control you.

  13. Exactly.. just go on a T-break or something, it will make your next high worth the wait
  14. [quote name='"twitchydude420"']

    Lmao I hope im not the only on who got this reference.[/quote]

    Haha nope. Lost is my favorite tv show. :D
  15. You can try going to a headshop and asking people there if they are selling anything or know where to get anything. Its worked for me before.
  16. Have a friend who smokes?

    Yeah, I know, genius right?

    Who knew to ask someone with weed where they got theirs...

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