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  1. I'll be out of town for 11 days, and I was wondering what steps I can take to make sure my plants don't die. I have them in a growbox, they are about 2 weeks old. Will Aquaglobes work to keep the moist enough, or will they dry up\drown them? I tried searching, couldn't find anything on this subject. Thanks!
  2. How old are your plants? What type of medium (I'm guessing soil since you brought up aquaglobes, but just to make sure)?

    11 days is a long time to be gone. I was gone for 6 days when my plants were about 2.5 weeks old. I watered, and left about an inch of water in the drip tray for them to soak up while I was gone. 3 of them died, so it's not something I look forward to doing again.
  3. Gah, thats what I was worried about; Yea, soil. A little over 2 weeks old. I hate leaving town Q_Q First grow too lol.
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    I read somewhere on a forum awhile back about a guy that used 1 gallon milk jugs with airline tubing to make a sort of "IV" dripper for his plants. If I remember right, he put a small hole near the bottom of the jug, ran the airline through the tube and siliconed it in. He was growing in a closet and hung the milk jugs, and ran the drip line to his pot, while burying it about 1/2 way into the soil.

    If you have the time to play around with it, you might give it a try, it would be much like an "Aqua Globe", only 1 gallon.

    I read a post by Corto Malteze the other day, and he linked the OP to these devices for watering also:

    Re: Outdoor drip irrigation system?
    Check this out:


    And this:


  5. Wow, thanks for the suggestion. I have a few days before I leave so Ill try to rig one of those up. Its a good idea, thanks again! +rep
  6. I don't think any kind of passive or drip system will hold you over for 11 days. They will keep the soil moist for 2-3 days before these gizmos run out of water, then your plants will be dry for over a week.

    What you really need is a small electronic garden irrigation pump, I believe a small kit can be had for about $50 that includes pump, multi-day timer, and multiple tubes to go to multiple plants.
  7. Do you think 2x, 2 week old plants would go through 2 gallons of water in 11 days? I honestly have no clue.

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