Out of town,,just got laptop

Discussion in 'General' started by NdicaBud, Apr 28, 2002.

  1. I'm in the twin cities,,just bought new laptop,,now I can keep in touch while away on jobs,,I'm testing it out now,,,be home in about 4-5 hours,,,I'll reply to all then,,,peace

    The expansion of the forums topics is outstanding(I just seen it for the first time) Hope you all enjoy it,,,,

    Nice Job SJ......
  2. Cool for you!!! Mobility and Marijuana!!! :smoking:
  3. Well this I could not pass up,,

    Toshiba 4260DVD Pentiumlll 500mhz,win2000pro,56k,nic pcmcia,192meg RAM alternate mouse,pad,all Docs,case,packs,cables,and leather case.....and it works like a charm......

    For fun,,,,let's have a few guesses on price I paid.......

  4. I am guessing in american currency. But, 350$. more less?!

  5. Well...I paid nothing,,,,I gave a PC Chips m571 motherboard for it,,I even installed it in his ATXcase for him......so I feel I did good....and I finally got the messy OS cleaned up,,IT software loaded,,and my grasscity homepage..so I'm content with it...definately......peace


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