Out of these two who would win the GC presidential nomination?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by NoHzee, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Obvious poll is obvious.
  2. I mean really, who the fuck would even consider voting for a proven failure like Obama.
  3. Withcraft lady
  4. we did it with Bush, and we'll probably do it again with Obama.

    we meaning the folks who let the TV decide their vote for them.
  5. Not everyone believes that he is a "proven failure". Of course I do understand that I am in the extreme minority on this one.
  6. ill go 3rd party
  7. Bush was elected by a different demographic than Obama. Obama got elected by appealing to young voters with a bunch of "promises" and by taking on the role of the anti-establishment guy. Only problem is, most young people realize they were lied to, had by Obama, they realize, as evidenced on this political board, that Obama is the establishment, just Bush in a different wrapper, and they will not be fooled again.

    No, it might not be a republican, or Ron Paul, but it certainly won't be Obama either, and i really don't think he cares.
  8. I'm voting for myself as a write in for the third time in a row.
  9. As a non American i will not vote..:)

    But if i could i vote for Dr. Ron Paul.
    His foreign policies alone would change the world..

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