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Out of these strains which would buy an oz of?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by sbiyachev, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. master blue haze, scarface og, white rhino, purple scout cokies-300$oz
    Presidential og-375oz
    Whitepower??? 400$oz.
    Never heard of that last one but it must be crazy good. Don't have a card so I can't really go to the dispensary but the guy is cool enough to sell on the side to me no tax! Woohoo!

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  2. White Rhino is great. Don't know how to put it beyond that.. That stuff is downright AMAZING.  :hello:
    Where you located that someone might ask $400 an Oz? That's crazy.. :eek:  Could buy a light and grow a pound for that cost.... :confused_2:
  3. scarface or cookies. can't go wrong.
  4. Las Vegas . Yea it's pretty crazy. The stuff is Snow White though nothing the streets can give like that

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    I'm more of a sativa person are all those hybrids ? Like rhino?

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  5. Ah lived there... And payed it too... :cry:
    Not too sure about Indica/Sativa as it could vary, ask your guy? 
    And I'd say stick with of the $300 Oz's no matter the name. Quality shouldnt change TOO much..
    And That $75 price hike is $75 that could buy a 1/4 of your next Oz.  :ey:
  6. White rhino
  7. I would either go with "white rhino" or "Purple girl scout cookies"
  8. White fucking rhino man...
  9. Nothing over 200-240 a oz

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  10. Ask if he can give you a quarter of each of the first four in 1oz

    Theyre all $300/oz anyway

    Id try that for more variety that way next time you know which you like best
    go with whatever one looks and smells best..
    assuming you can't sample them.
  12. Purple Scout Cookies most likely. I'd have to check them all out first though. I wouldn't get the Whitepower though. $400 for weed is rediculous. You could get a ps4 for that much.
  13. master blue haze
    Because it sounds amazingly nice
  14. I'd say any of the 300$ ones
    I don't feel like the extra 100 would be worth It for the same amount and it just being a little better.

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  15. out of that list I would get scarface OG, the master blue haze or the purple cookies

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