Out of the blue..A buzz! (kinda long read..)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by lucidtouch, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Hello dudes, and ladies!

    I have something to share with you today, and im wondering if im just telling myself something that isn't really happening.

    First of all, does anyone else notice that when you are baked in a very-low-lit room, or even dark, and someone turns on the light, it kills your buzz and lowers your high?

    Now, on to the story: So im walking to the store at like 3-4 A.M, and chatting with my buddy next to me. We go in, get some grub, go outside, and eat said food on the way back to his house. (neither of us were under the influence)

    But earlier that day, we had both eaten/smoked probably about 2.5 Grams each in total (we have low tolerances, so this was a lot) and were totally ripped until the afternoon that day.

    The weird thing is, on our way back to his house, I started feeling buzzed -- like REALLY buzzed. No weed in 12 hours, and i was high. I've been toking for a long time, and this has NEVER, EVER happened to me.

    Is this even possible? It was so out of no-where, and surprising, i couldn't believe it.
    Does your body purge toxins (or THC for that matter) when you should be sleeping?

    Idk, this is just kind of odd, and was wandering if anyone has had this happen before.
    Placebo? Real deal? you tell me.....

    Ima go vape another bowl..:smoke:
  2. to answer your first question thats probly just b cuz you dont notice when your high in the dark that much, but when you go from dark to light you can tell your high

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