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Out Of Options For Dealers

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by lilish4, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. im really out of options finding dank. All of my dealers have either quit selling all together, taking a break, or just never text me back. All of my friends that smoke dont live close to my neighborhood so neither do their dealers. I dunno what do do and im out of ideas. Someone help!
  2. get a car you bum! lol
  3. buy off your friends dealers in bulk, and learn not to smoke it all at once
  4. Im still living at home until the fall... I have a job but it's not really that easy as buying a car...
  5. I bought an 8th of of a dealer that got arrested a couple of days ago and hes laying low. It lasted me about a little more than a week
  6. It was a joke man, but if you have some tools at your house, you could buy a cheap car for like $400 on craigslist and put some work into it, as long as there isn't anything serious with it you can find everything on youtube. I bought my car a year ago and it still runs now, i only put like 4000 miles on it though.
  7. Hopefully ill have one by the end of the summer... But until then I gotta use my dads car. But how can I go about asking my dealers politely that dont text back to "keep it 100" and just tell me if they dont wanna sell to me, or that their out?
  8. Well by that comment I can tell you are in high school, I'm so glad i finish in 2 weeks. High school dealer's suck bro, they will skimp you or beat you most likely. I would just ask if he knows where the buds are at.
  9. I know it's not a popular option here on GC but have you tried Craigslist? I have found three great dealers through there. They are competing for your buiseness so a lot of them have competive prices.  
  10. Don't try buying weed on craiglist, that's the worst idea ever
  11. I guess if you call high grade weed a worst idea ever. Over the past 2 years I never had a problem with my CL connections. Good quality ounces and damn good prices.  Maybe your area has bad CL dealers but here they compete for buisness so there are always good prices. Ymmv. 
  12. It is pretty sketchy, but you never know. I'm sure lots of people have found legit dealers on Craigslist. I'm also sure lots of people got robbed. :smoking:
  13. Without my knowledge my roomie asked if I would help him get a delivery from a club, ended up being a dealer from Craigslist. I was pissed and moved out cus he's a hot boy.

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  14. No one is really helping.. They're all saying their dealers aren't responding. And I graduated a couple weeks ago man
  15. get a job then! Every job I had there was atleast 1 stoner.
  16. dude, bike or take the bus... you want bud? go get it :p
  17. before i had a car, i would catch public transport to and from my dealers house. i would get a bit paranoid being on public transport while having bud in my possession but i never got caught. oh and i also had a dealer that lived just around the corner so i would meet him at the shops at like 12.00 at night and ride my bike back home.
  18. I found my dealer through google search. they posted on some comments thing on some website that they were selling in my area and left the phone number. Seemed pretty sketchy but it worked out pretty well )
  19. I don't know man, I've never met a weed man who hasn't wanted my monies. 
  20. Don't try buying weed on craiglist, that's the worst idea ever
    </blockquote>That's where I found a caregiver who's also a dealer. Enjoying this mango kush! All together I bought 2zips of this stuff from him I can't leave it alone!

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