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Discussion in 'General' started by Beaker, Apr 11, 2002.

  1. High all. Well I'm writing this to let you guys know that I just went and saw unoit. Well as I was there I went to see some buddys of mine I went to school with. We partied a bit and smoked some good weed. Then I had to leave and come back home, so I went and said bye to unoit. As I got to the town that has the ferry, my friends said lets go to the strip club and hve some drinks. So we went and while we were there we got right pissed drunk. As it turned out we started to play fight on the way out of the bar. When we got outside it started to get rough. Then all of a sudden I'm on the ground with a broken collarbone. It didn't feel to good. Well it's been a week now since it has happened. This is what it looks like.
  2. wow that sux....it's a shame when a good evening goes bad like that
  3. sorry...

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  4. Damn, I bet that hurts like hell Beaker!!!!
    Here's wishing ya a speedy recovery!! :smoking:
  5. Heres one more...

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  6. ok!, when i first saw this pic, it looked to me like someone got there ass kicked, and i mean there ASS kicked, is that your posterior? i cant imagin waht that would feel like, how did that happen?!?!? Whats black and blue and red all over........................a nun that i just ran over! adn that ASS!
  7. wow that really sucks and they hurt my friend broke his one time in football and screwed over his season.... but i ask whut part of a nun is blue when shes run over???
  8. The phat ass bruise she gets like whats on that guys...whatever it is, have we established exactly waht body part that is?
  9. ouch that looks like it hurts!
    man, hope you have some buds to help soothe your pain. until you heal you better stop "fighting" and take care of yourself :)
  10. oh ok i see wasnt sure if the nun was flattened or just u know "hit"
  11. ICe that up and sleep. Toke extra hard for that. =)

  12. cheeba, Beaker broke his collarbone, which is kinda tween the neck and shoulder. :hippie:

    I'm under the impression that the first photo was taken looking down on the top of the shoulder. :smoking:
  13. Damn beaker, get your collarbone broken playfighting at a strip club. You got to remember to tip the girls well if you are going to touch them so their bouncer won't stomp you. LOL

    Sounds like you need to lay off the booze and drink some milk. Milk does a body good! Healthy mind, healthy bones
  14. LOL whatever happened to that guy!!! Wasn't he someone's nephew or something?
  15. Lookin' in the vault there cheeba?
  16. HIGH All, thanks cheeba....just what I want to see 5:00 in the morning. It's mine or he's my Nephew any which way you want to look at it. He scared me last year and I don't scare easily, he says he didn't but someone told his Mom he was growing and "maybe" me and my LHM (his Dad). So down it came (the room) and I went on a deleting frenzy. It hurt me BAD and I'm slowly SSSHHHHHHHH going again.

    The way I look at it I'm a respected person where I live and have a good business with customers that would disown me if they found out. I don't grow for money...just greedy little ole' me and my LHM. So if they bust me I'll lose big time...but marijuana will have my FULL support then and All will know me.

    P.S. He's living here (for the last month) with his old man and knows what's going on...it'll be a cold day in hell when he gets to look in my room again.

    Yea it's my Nephew, still gotta love it!!!!!

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