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Out of ganj, no car, job sucks, friends gone.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Sunny Jim, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. I've been totally dry of Ganj now for about three weeks give or take. I'm just sitting here in my room doing absolutely nothing. Its a matter of all 3 of my connects drying up simultaneously. working less hours now as well so my cash reserve is kinda low, like double digits low. On top of that I have this AP Literature assignment thats stressing me. (community college, CCV) I blew it off all week and now there isn't enough time left to do it even if I wanted to.

    What sucks the most out all of this is running empty on bud. I still live at home. My car is out of commission and I am low on cash, like double digits low. And if I wanna leave the house at all I have to bum a ride from a friend or my sister which just makes me feel like a burden and zaps the fun out of shit even if they say 'its cool' a thousand times. Compounding this is that ever since my weed connects ran dry my stoner 'friends' have abandoned me. I guess thats what you get when you are always accommodating with people and always smoke kids up even if you are on your last few grams.

    I know I need to find a new job. But I can't do that until I get a new car and of course I can't do that until I get a new job. I also can't start smoking again until I'm making more dough and I can't pickup weed without a new car. Very perplexing situation and it blows seriously. I haven't gone anywhere other than class, home or work for three weeks except once. It is a rut that I can't get out of and it seems as though circumstances are conspiring against me to keep it this way.

    Man I miss the high school days when all the weed in creation was at my fingertips and all I had to do was ride the bus in the afternoon to buy an eighth of dank. Its not like that at all now. All of my fellow students live off campus so there's not an already established stoner infrastructure.

    god I'm jonesing for ganj.
  2. See kids? Someone always has it worse than you.
  3. Sorry man that situation sounds like it's hard to get on your feet, if I was near i'd smoke you out and become your friend
  4. Yo that's harsh, I'll hit the vape for you!
  5. Hang in there, I have been dry at times much longer then you have been. Including right now.

    After months of searching for a job, I finally got one, yesterday. A pretty easy one too. So it seems like my luck has finally been getting better. In a couple of weeks(after my first couple paychecks), my dry times will soon be over. I have always been patient because I knew at the end it would pay off. Going dry for another two weeks(till 1st paycheck), doesn't even bother me right now, because I know after those two weeks, everything will finally be over.

    Patience is key. :)
  6. Aw man..let me tell you somethin...I'm goin thru some thangz to...I've got the same complaints except for the job thang...all i can say is be thankful you got a job!!

    I've got those issues plus a family to support...now tell me...who got sum problems?...The way I deal with it all...I'm just hanging in there (by a fuckin thread) I got caught up in the whole recession/economic bullshit..its been almost a year since I've worked...I'm still lookin for a job!

    Cash flow? whats that? Ganja? wow I havent had a blunt in so long!!....Bills being paid? naw more like bill collectors fuckin wit me on a daily basis!!

    So everytime I tell somebody about my issues all they can say is "aww hang in there"
    So all Im doin is just hangin in there!!
  7. no job here
    low dough
    got a dui so i cant drive my car

    i feel ya. just keep up the positive thinking my man
  8. I have recently been low on cash and dry for about a month. Now I'm sat here with a quater of some amazing AK47 and I'm doing much better for money. Life can be tough sometimes but it always gets better, and when it does, you can appreciate those things even more.
  9. Lmao at all the sympathy. What I got out of this story:

    -I'm too lazy to do my schoolwork so i'll piss away my parents money their paying for me to go to college.

    -I don't have a car, but have multiple cars to use at my disposal. No insurance, gas, or repair fees for me :D.

    -I live at a house that I also don't pay for.

    Kids these days.

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