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Out Of Bud

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by FeelGood, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. Man lately I've been getting a lot of bud lately but my luck just ran out.........for now. Last week I got a bag of dank that lasted me until I got 1/4 of higher grade stuff. But now I'm out. but tommorow my friend is getting an eigth of high grade shit. Then on friday I'm getting an eigth of hydro so it should be some good times ahead.
  2. I know the feeling I'm out as of saturday. But I'm fairly stoned right now anyway.
  3. yeah, i've been out for about 3 weeks. saving up to buy about 1-2 ounces though
  4. My bud radar is showing a no go for awhile. If it magically appears in front of me, then I'll smoke it. Until then, it's just wait out the tide and see what happens. (I'm broke as hell...cept for that dollar over there)...but hey, It's not like I need it to live...it just helps having it :).

    I take my breaks, and enjoy when I smoke up even more...brings back a bit of that old feeling I used to get when I first blazed.
  5. Smoke your dad instead.
  6. lol, ive got a bowl left then im dry :(, but anyway, ill take a hit for everyone who has relplied so far :)
  7. i have 3 roaches left from joints then im out but im hoping to get an 1/8th next monday
  8. Come back when you have some bud, man!!!!!

    just kidding i'm out too... should be getting an 1/8 within a week or two, i'm in no real hurry

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