Out of Body Experiences

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  1. anybody else have these?
    i sometimes find mind myself in a dream where i'm looking at myself sleeping, sometimes i question whether its even a dream or not.
    shits scary man :eek:
  2. hell yeah bruh...

    dont you hate it when your screaming at yourself to wake up?

    omg... or even havin a dream where your falling the whole time..

    fuck dude.. iahte thinkin bout bad dreams...
  3. I have an experience that is kind of like an out of body experience whenever I meditate sometimes. The best way I can describe it is: close your eyes you know how you feel like you are in your body and everything else is outside of you, its like it reverses and I'm on the outside and become the room and everything is inward. Kinda strange I know but it is awesome when it happens and my perception of time changes too and hours can pass by in what seems like only minutes.

  4. thats trippy bruh...

    its an experience for sure.
  5. ^^^ yeah man i never tried meditating but it seems like trying it would be real interesting. i hate bad dreams, but at the same time dreaming is awesome.
    apparently they say your body is suppose to be in a "different dimension"
  6. I just watched the first episode in the second season of Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman and it was about out of body experiences and life after death. One of the researchers was talking about how our brains might be quantum computers and how our consciousness is a manifestation of the universe, it was pretty interesting.

    I started meditating and going to a local Buddhist temple every week and talking with the monk there and after a few months of doing that is when I started having the cool meditation experiences. The monk calls it dharma transfer or the universe filling you with it's wisdom.
  7. I thought they proved an out of body exp is just a trigger from the brain.. we learned in on through the worm hole
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    Yeah I remember one episode featured some research up in Canada where they could induce a religious experience by focusing an electro-magnet onto a specific part of the right hemisphere of the neo-cortex. It was in the exact opposite side of the brain as the area that correlates to self-awareness. They theorized that it was an evolutionary development so that we would have a sense of some kind of otherworldly infinite being looking out for us to alleviate the anxiety caused by being self aware and thus aware that we are mortal and will cease to exist one day.

    Edit: Sorry, self-image not self-awareness

  9. Ive had this happen several times.....it can really blow your mind....literally.
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    The subjective is mortal. The objective is immortal. Depends which way you want to look at it.. I find the immortal perspective to alieve anxiety.

    Anyways, about OBE's, I see it as looking through the objective perspective toward the subjective personality. Realising there is more to reality than just subjective interpretation can be a strong trigger to an imaginative OBE. As for a hallucinating OBE, usually only under certain influences, but these influences have also taught me to do it sober if necessary.
  11. lol...I guess its a different thing to have one while 'You' are still actually in your body. That one presents a problem.

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