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  1. I wanted to do organic soil mix but i feel like its to late for me and i don't have the time to wait for it to compose, So im just thinking about going to liquid nutrients , i have 2 plants in week 2 of growth im gonna transplant them outdoor in the next week or 2 because they are getting so big already, and i cant really grow inside .

    What nutrients should i use for the veg stage im new to growing . I was thinking of using the FoxFarm nutes . but i just want to know whats some more experienced people think
  2. Nutes are not the secret to growing big healthy plants. That would be light. You can use any good potting mix and amend it with about 40% perlite. Realize that any premade potting mix comes loaded with slow release fertilizers (nutes) that will feed the plant for a long time so you just pouring more in on top, especially with a young plant, will promptly fry it or them. Bring the plant up in size by transplanting up container sizes in increments. In other words, don't take a new seedling and throw it into a 25 gallon container. It'll take it forever to root in. Confining the space the plant has to root into...which is the first thing any plant does once it's planted into soil, lessens the time each plant takes to get rooted in and back to producing foliage. You will notice after a transplant, that for several days nothing happens as far as growth on the plant. It also will not drink hardly any water during this time. When you transplant one and water it in (with properly pH'd water (6.3 to 6.7 for soil grows)), LEAVE IT ALONE until you see it start to drink again and to grow foliage again. It'll just kind of sit there till the rooting in is done. And you never water your plants until they are at least 80% dry...or feel dead dry if you lift the container. They do not like to have water around their roots constantly. You do not need to start nutes with your plants until you are SURE the plant has used up what came in the soil and if you pot them up in stages, with each repot you get a fresh supply of nutes without giving any extra yourself. The plant will actually tell you when it's starting to need some feed, but if you have no grow experience, you'll need to do some digging for some pics to get an idea of what you're looking for. But pouring chemicals into your plants when they don't need it will either burn them or stress them out and slow their growth. I think it would benefit you to do some reading up on the process of growing these plants. Learn what they need, what they like, everything you can read on watering because most new growers kill their plants by drowning them. But there is a process and the more you know and understand, the easier time you will have. But if you can use decent soil, have good drainage, understand the watering process and don't fry them with nutes....but the main thing is give them all the sunlight they can get. We grew off 4 extra clones last summer on the deck. We didn't even put them out until mid June and grew them until the end of September and get well over 5 pounds of bud off 4 plants. So if you treat them right, they'll do you right too. Read up on what you're attempting to do. TWW
  3. thanks bro for the input yeah , i have done lots of research . i have a friend thats a grower and i would ask him but hes really hard to get at , around this time of the year lol! so i though i'd hop on the internet i have been researching for about 1 month im mainly doing this for a hobby . I don't 100% care about massive yields or anything i just want to try this out and see if i can do it . I was just gonna use a Promix BX or HP for my soil base . and then add nutes later on i just want to get everything set up and find out everything before hand i didn't plan to use nutes till about . 5 weeks into my grow . I have my plants outside from Sun up to sun down . then i bring them in at night stick them under and light for a few hours then let the room go dark for a couple hours and back at it . i would just like to have everything in place for when the day comes i know what nutes im gonna use and ECT .
  4. Loom into no till soil for organic go. No need to compost, just mix soil add worms and mulch and it's good to go. It's my first time giving it a go.

    I stock piled bottled nutes before hand and now have no need for them.
  5. got a recipe you use i was looking into doing this as well , i just have not found any updated recipes . I can spend around 150-200 for all my soils / nutes for 2 plants
  6. 1/3 peat
    1/3 perlite
    1/3 quality compost.. Bu's Malibu biodynamic, Coast of Maine Lobster, Ecoscraps..
    Amendments include..
    EWC (earth worm castings), Chicken manure, Neem seed meal, Alfalfa pellets, Kelp meal, Crab shell meal, Rock dust..
    Things to avoid = bone meal, blood meal, azomite, any bagged material containing large or small bits of core-heart wood..
  7. anyone else got a recipe ? , thanks for the these ones so far

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