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  1. hello every1 i have decided to try somthing new iv got all my plants set up in a 4 gallon pott stetting atop of a 5 gallon bucket with 2 wicks drawing up from the solution into the coco pete and an airiater supplying oxygen to each bucket. if any one has any pointersw it would be very helpful and muchly appreciated

    ps more pics on page 2​


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  2. yes it is. but if your into that sort of stuff. lol
  3. Very nice! i was going to do that same thing :) (Best of both worlds)
  4. One word of advise, Paint the buckets, im sure the sunlight is shining right thru those white buckets.
  5. thanx for the advice but i have an airiater in each bucket, that should keep the water solution plenty cool and full of oxygen, and as long as i check the temperature , ph, and ppm every day i should have no problem, again thanx for the advice, i really apreciate it, keep it coming
  6. he's not worried about the temp, he's worried about you getting an assload of algae growing in there.
  7. Correct, light plus water = Algae
  8. thanx for the advice, i think i will line the buckets with thick black trash bags so that i can keep using the reflective qualities of white, or if you have anty other suggestions i would appreciate it, thank you
  9. looks great hope it works out for you + rep.
  10. WOW rly nice man be sure to keep us updated.
  11. if they are staying outdoors in the sun you needent worry about "reflective properties"
  12. except for that the sun produces a lot of heat. the warmer you water is the less oxygen it can hold. your water should never exeed 85 degrees farinhite. also the heat can make you chemical fertilizers weaker. and white obiously reflects heat. and i will keep everyone posted on whats happenen. thanks every1 is very helpful keep it coming
  13. haha, damn... you're going all out. hope it goes well for you. :)
  14. Yes water temperature is going to be a huge problem for you.
  15. with my airiaters my water hasnt went over 75
  16. the first pic are from my purple kush currently at 8 inches and growing rapidly close to an inch every 2 days.
    the second pic are clones of white widow and super silver haze, planted 2 days aago.
    the 3thrd pics are some of my bluberry x northern lights after recovering from a powder mildew attack. baking soda and water really works for that by the way

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  17. 75 F is kind of high for hydro, but your doing bubble bucket so your air stones if really good should compensate for the lost oxygen in the water.

    Good luck will keep checking it out.... looks great so far.
  18. PS 3 plants in 5 gallon bucket is not going to go too well... at the end of my bubbler in 5 gallon there was hardly any space left for the roots, it filled about 1/2 the bucket with roots and that was just one plant.
  19. hey thanx for the comps and the advice youv been very helpful.:smoking:

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