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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by adum0123, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. i am an indoor grower and i know about growing.. but i am planning to start an outdoor grow in a feild next to my house about 30 plants and figuring half males and half females.. and some will die... what time should i plant my seeds outside? or should i start them inside? and what month do they flower in?? or will i have to bring them inside for a couple hours for the 12/12 light cycle to take place?

    -oh.. i tried searchin and couldnt find what i was looking for.
  2. i am in michigan if that helps
  3. 30 plants outside? The first thing about any outdoor grow is security, and planting 30 isnt gonna help your cause at all, are you positive its in a secure location and no one is gonna find them?
  4. yeah its pretty secure.. and im only gunna have 15 plants prolly... i will have some males. and some might die.. but when should i plant and stuff?
  5. After the last frost,
  6. well when should they start budding? and about how big will my plants get if i plant the seeds outside and let them die in the winter?
  7. n e one??
  8. What? If you plant them outside in winter and let them die, that's exactly what will happen...they WILL die.

    Plant them out after the last frost, or when the night temps don't get below 8C, for here in the UK we plant out Apr/May time, buds should appear once the light drops to approx 10-12 hours darkness and harvest approx 8-9 weeks later. Plant size outside can be anything from 3ft - 20 ft depending upon strain & conditions.
  9. what i meant was if i planted it after the last frost and choppeped it when it gets done budding, how big will the plant get? and what month and what time of the month will the plant start to bud?- or to ask in a diff way when do the light hours become 12/12?

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