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Our story thus far........

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Nov 9, 2001.

  1. How's all?

    Been alot going on lately, eh? Nice to see a lot of familiar faces hanging round the here digs! This place kinda reminds me of Yah---- in the days when Raj was the only problem!

    So I assume that the Y story will be pretty easy to follow as it develops. I can just imagine the Free-For-All forum once it get's back up and running! WhooooWeeeeee! De Shit gonna be flyin' in there!

    So enough about all of you, let's talk about one of my favorite subjects, Me.

    Guess who's going on his fifth day without nicotine. I really think I've kicked the suckers this time! So far, no one has been hurt, no felonys committed, no animals kicked. Just takes the proper mindset I suppose.

    I can smell things again! Can smell a hooter half a mile away now. All of a sudden, I've had to start paying attention to reeking again! Shit! That is one thing a cig is good for, covering your scent!

    You can also address me as Coach now. After many tenures as an assistant in the game of basketball, I have accepted a head coaching position for the green colored jersey team, 4th and 5th grade girls, intermural league, local elementary school. Details of my salary were not immediately known.

    I am having a blast with my girls. 1st game coming up this Saturday. We are ready!

    The eldest daughter made her debut for the mid- high b-ball Tuesday night. She's got daddy's long legs and got her 1st basket 30 seconds in! Her parents probably embarassed her. We tend to get noisey sometimes! But damn! I LOVE the game of basketball!

    I guess there was a point when I started all of this. I do so wish I could remember what it was. Maybe it was that I just got comfortable e'nuff here to start rambling on for hours about nothing inparticularwithnobreaksoranythingandjustboretheshitoutofeverybody!

    And now.........


    The Women Of My Life!

    Whaddya mean? We always dress like that!

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  2. Two thumbs upo to you Smokie! Congrads on the coaching job!
  3. Nice looking family, but where's the dogs?

    In my best John Belushi accent

    "How much for the women? ....your wife.... the little girls.... How much?"

    Good to see that your riding a good karmic wave now that old man winter is coming to sweep down the plains.

    Is your wife Flo the spokeperson for Longhorn Steakhouse?
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  4. Way to go on the nicotine fight,,,tell me what was the first thing to fight,,,,cravings,,having it in your hand,,,familiarity,etc. Iv'e been smokin dem butts for more than 25 years now,,,I tell myself all the time that they are killing me yet...lightup another nic stick. Each time I go a few hours without,,the wife says to get my knarly ass a cig and mellow out...I get tense.

    Congrats on the coaching job,,Anyone who is truly for the kids is thumbs up in my book,,she shoots she

    And yea where's the dog and family,,you should be proud,,,which i see you are.............peace

  5. Good luck on quitting the tobacco cigs... I kicked it over a year ago and happily, too! My lungs are alot more tolerant of big bongrips, and I *feel* a lot better too.
    Watch out for the munchies though, I gained weight after I quit smokin~

    Lovely family! I love the punk rock !!!! Cute!:)

    Glad to hear all is well with you, coaching will be fun :)
  6. You all are such happy people here at the City. Thanks for sharing with us the things most important in your life Smokieokie! I feel like a member of something special each time I visit. Great Pic too! Send More!!!
  7. it doesnt get anybetter than that, coach.
  8. p.s my husband says you have a lovely family. and wondered if you guys did anything for halloween?

  9. Nah, not really. :):):)

    I'm not really sure who the ol' lady was this year. I was thinking maybe the "Church Lady" on some bad acid?
  10. High ya smokie! wonder you're such a happy have a beautiful, very interesting, and obviously happy family!

  11. but the one there with the tall, pink, hair, has the ability to piss me off, hurt me, make me want to rip her fucking arm off and beat her to death with it, (although she could probably kick my ass!) She's the reason I have no hair. The reason I'll probably die of a heart attack before I'm 60. The reason I have Pepcid AC addiction going on. The reason my teeth are rounded off from gritting them. The one person in this entire world who can ruin my whole day with one word, and would argue a fence post into moving out of her way before she would admit she was wrong.

    Anybody else have someone like that in their life?


    I love her so.

    Peace to all.
  12. I can see a real spark in her eyes....I'm bettin the girls are like thier momma, too. She's a lucky have a wonderful family.......what else can I say-I really get some sweet-homey vibes from yer pic!!! *MUSH*

  13.'s only 'cause you're raising her right smokie...she'll be a strong woman someday...actually sounds like she already is...:). I think our kids are suppose to make us's part of the job description or something? I worry about the quiet, obedient, ass-kisser kids...I think they grow up to be REPUBLICANS...:)

  14. awww critter, i thought he was back and got all excited...

    you just messed with a stoned mind


    lol, where the hell is that bugger?!
  15. I thought he had come back, too. I miss smokinokie.

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