Our society compared to the Romans

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Mastertate, Mar 15, 2004.

  1. I've thought about this topic for a while. Our society (when i say "our society", im referring to the USA) seems to follow the same path as that of the Romans. A lot of our culture is derived from Roman ideals, mainly our government and moral structure. What scares me is that our society may be heading towards the same fate, destruction. As the Romans began their society, it was that of strict morals and a deep devotion to their gods (Jupiter, Mars, Venus, etc.). Our society started with strict morals and devotion to the Christian god. As Roman culture continued, the moral structure continued to deteriorate to the time of the emorpers, where orgies were held in the temples, gladiators fought to the death for entertainment and religious customs were more routine than anything else. During this time the government could'nt surivive due to the corruption when senators and political figures were assassinated on a daily basis. This political unrest and the loss of morals caused the Romans to become weak and thus were deeated by Germanic tribes. It seems that our society is undergoing the same moral and political deterioration. After all, history has shown that no empire stays in power for more than 1000-2000 years. I just wonder how much longer our society will be able to hold its power with its ever-increasing corruption.

    Just thoughts, if it doesnt make sense, posts some questions...
  2. Can't wait! We definitely need some organized orgies and gladiator battles! :D

    Well what we have to realize is that we are the first 'empire' or 'superpower' to exist with all this technology that came out of the industrial revolution(and after, obviously). I mean the advent of all the media outlets like TV radio newspapers etc, besides all the other inventions like cars airplanes etc. This is definitely going to play a huge role somehow, but figuring out how would take a lot of research(and guessing). As long as we keep up our military we will most likely destroy any oppostion, if need be. I think our 225+ year old country is going to be in power for a looooooong time to come, and I don't think political corruption is going to be it's downfall, but it's possible.

    A note about religion. I think, well for the US atleast, that religion is doing what you said happened with the Romans. This is a good thing though, imo. I think that in, say, 500 years or so more people won't believe in any one religion than will. We gotta smarten up sooner or later.
  3. i don't tjhink that we have advanced mch as a species (forgetting technology) for a few thosand years, since the ancient Greeks.

    look at them. they had a republic democratic system (some regions). rome had it.

    it's been proven throughout history that a Republic is the most easily corruptable form of government.
    it's based on money and a sort of "it's all about who you know" system.

    until democracy goes to the next level where it's not based on money and the government serves the people instead of the economy.. things will carry on like tyhis
  4. i just wrote a pretty big paper comparing rome to our society. (actually all of north america instead of just the USA)

    anyways it was a play off John Swift??? A Modest Proposal.

    I said BC Place stadium should be turned into an ancient colliseum. use the bums on the street that are such a "problem" to the people as gladiators. very satiracal, and lots of fun!
  5. Ya, you could get em real drunk before and winner gets like 10 bucks or somethin, very entertaining...
  6. It was hardly moral degredation that led to the fall of Rome. I could delve into this subject but if anything destroys us it ain't gonna be orgies, in fact orgies might just save us if we suddenly have a need to repopulate the earth after some big war
  7. then the canadian barbarians from the North come and take over !! yippee!! jk :D
  8. ehhh buddy

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