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  1. I hate how the finals affect our mark... its so confusing.

    I am getting 84% in English, and our final exam is worth 15%.

    Using this formula:

    Step 1 Current Score x Percentage done = Current points
    Step 2 Desired Score (grade) - Current Points = Points needed
    Step 3 Points needed divided by (Percent Value of the test) = Percentage needed on final

    If i get 60% on the exam i end up with 81%, and if i get 100% on the exam i end up with an 86%

    Does this make sense to you guys? Its so useless to study for that like what the hell.

  2. No...
  3. It would all depend on the work load. But it sounds in the ball park.

    What was your math grade?:D:smoking:
  4. My school is based on the same system.
  5. Dude...sorry but it's plain normal...:confused:
  6. Yeah but, im just saying its dumb to even study when i can get a 60% on exam and still end up with almost the same mark as if i got 100%.

    And here in canada, 80% - 100% is an "A"
  7. Math grade was 81%
  8. In order to be 'fair' schools should be required to teach the same textbooks and go from the same grading system.

    Unfortunately a lot of school systems are run by idiots.

  9. lucky ass mothertruckers.

    At my high school we had to get atleast a 70 to pass our classes and a 80 get our diploma.


    UGH i wanna move to Canada even more now:mad:
  10. HAHA WOW.

    50's - D
    60's - C
    70's - B
    80's - A

    80-100 is all A's

    And we need a 50 to get our diploma. Although to get into a good university you usually need around 75% average cause of so much competition. If you take university level in high school and get like a 65 average you can still get into most colleges easily lmfao

  11. Not true at all over here...(im in Canada). Anyway highschools are still working with letters or what !?
    It was 60% for highschool diploma in Quebec at least.

  12. Lol no we arent working with letters, but the percentages are basically that converted to the letter system.

    Here we just need 30 credits to graduate, and 50% in a course is a pass, and you earn that credit. In 4 years you can earn 32 credits, so basically if you pass all your courses you can have two spares in grade 12 (No class during that 80 minute period)
  13. duhh... its school.

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