Our plot plan for 2005

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by mike_comrie, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. Here's my situation
    We couldn't get organized this spring but here are plans for next year.

    There are three of us. My friend has been doing this for a number of years and says he will take care of cloning the plants for us and grow them from Feb till we are ready to transplant in the spring.

    Our plan is to do roughly 200-450 plants. We're going to transplant them from our buddies house via horse trailer and box in the back of a full size pickup. I think we should be able to do it in two or three trips.

    My friend has a plane and we were scouting last fall for a location and managed to find an old fire burn which managed to completely destroy all of the trees. The vegetation is growing very well and the plants will be able to get ample light.

    Its way out in the middle of nowhere and the fire did not manage to make it to any of the roads nearby so there is no visability to the plot site. The fire was approximately 200 hectares and they built a nice cat guard which we will use to run the plants up via 4-wheel.

    There is an excellent water source which we will use to pump from and water the plants. It sounds like the plan is to transplant the plants into larger pots when we get to the site.
    I haven't done a PH test on the soil as of yet but I think I will because if we can fluke out, and if the PH is relatively close to 7. I think it would be worthwile to bring out a rototiller and mix the soil with manure and get it just right and then we wouldn't have to worry about the larger pots and possibly get a larger harvest.

    I just wanted to get some guys with more experience to weigh in on our plans.

  2. sounds like you're going to get a shitload of weed out of that, we need pictures when it's done!
  3. holy shit son. 250-450 plants!!!!! what are you gonna do with the soo many pounds of the magic herb we call ganja?!!?!?!?
  4. I think we're gonna dump it for $1500 a pound. We have no idea of what we are going to average per plant. But our goals is 2 ounces. Is that a reasonable assumptiom?
  5. why dont you plant straght into the ground? after a fire the soil will be rich and the plants will grow well.

    2oz a plant? id be hoping for closer to 2 lb a plant depending on strain and a full season under the sun.

    what strain are you going to grow and from seed or clone?
  6. dude. that is a major operation.

    first of all...how are u gonna make sure there isnt any males?
    3 males could f' up the whole thing.

    and that is also a major size of sumthin that is illegal. id worry alot more about make sure someone doesnt 'stumble' in

    have u ever tried to plant 350 plants? jeeze even to germinate and pot up plants of that size is a major deal.
    that is gonna take u a long time. and that size of an area is prob gonna need to be sprayed with an herbicide to keep the weeds at bay while u plant that many plants in the wild.

    where are u gonna hang and dry that much (tho if u really had 100lbs of weed, u could rent a nice place in the country and dry it but still)...

    and u really have distribution chain for 200lbs?

    id think about this a bit more before u spend the rest of ur life in jail for growing 200lbs of seedy weed.

  7. clones?
  8. Thanks a lot for the responses and I'd like to get one thing straight right now, I have no experience whatsoever.

    My friend knows a guy who has been growing outdoors and selling for approx 4 years. I don't know if he is going to clone them or what but he said we will have all females by the time we get out there. He has made some good money and is going to take care of the plants for us up until the time when we take them from his house to our plot outdoors and buy them off us in the fall if our crop survives.

    If weather permits I think it would be a good idea to build a drying area a couple of kilometres away from the site. Haul the plants over there and dry 'em out. I don't know if this would work though?

    Its not like I need the money right now and I'm only willing to go along with this if we will be able to minimize our risk of getting caught. I don't know what kinds of techniques the cops use for catching guys growing outdoors but needless to say I'd like to take every precaution available.

    I'm honestly expecting our first attempt to fail but who knows. Keep in mind that this thing is a long way from materializing and I'm just trying to get some more educated opinions on the subject.

  9. Hers what i saw

    My friend has a plane and we were scouting last fall for a location and managed to find an old fire burn which managed to completely destroy all of the trees. The vegetation is growing very well and the plants will be able to get ample light

    If you could see it from a plane so could buckingham palace, Joe Somebody, Or even Mike Cooriimmeee whos scouting for a location with ample light.....

    oh yeah and weeding that would be a bi@ch
  10. someone is gonna do 350 clones?

  11. That is crazy dude. 350 plants will put off some major heat. If you can see clearing from a plane, im sure the cops will nitce 350 weed plants growing in big ass pots. You need to really think about this and know the risks. You can do things to minimize the risk, but with that many plants, there is a huge risk.People i know that have big operations dont even plant that many, and they plant them in like groups of 15-20 in diff areas so it isnt like putting all of your eggs in one basket. also with that many plants, i should be able to smell it from where i live.
  12. I don't think you guys are picturing what I'm trying to say. This is simply an old burn where there was a fire last year. The area is completely surrounded by swamp and black spruce.
    We noticed it, because we were looking for it. I was down that way bear hunting last spring and managed to see the column of smoke it put up, so we knew it was in the area.
    I don't think cops are going to be flying over kilometers of black spruce in the hope of finding an old burn, they'd fly over clearcuts and fields. This is about 200 km down a logging road into the middle of nowhere. The surrounding timber is not salvageable because black spruce isn't worth anything. So its solid bush with a 200m by 100m space where the fire got into the canopy. There should be tons of foliage starting to grow next year so I don't think it should be too bad. Its not like this is in Stanley Park in Vancouver or anything like that.
    I agree with trying to get a couple of locations though. Just means we'll just have to do a little more scouting this summer.

    The place is pretty sweet, in the next month I'll make a trip out there and take some pictures and you guys will have a better idea.

  13. i dont think u are pictureing what we are saying. that is a CRAPPER LOAD of plants.

    if u saw the movie 'the beach' ? ur talking about that much weed, dude.

    maybe start off with 10 plants.
  14. you should hook up everyone that site :p
  15. im a begginer grower so idk i hope i dont sound like im talking out my ass but i think what everyones trying to say is even 1/4 of 350 plants is a fucking humongous amount of plants for anyone, especially for a begginner although i ahve the same mentality, this year my first grow is going to be 2 plots of 20 plants each which is a damn lot, 350 is just to much no matter how u put it, even if securitys not an issue, when u goto harvest ud be able to carry back like 10 plants max if that and thats 35 trips plus if u carry 10 plants ur bud will get fucked up from being smushed and on top of each other n shit, cuz theyre gonna be big, also try to imagine the price tag of 350 pots say pots run a dollar thats 350 dollars right there, do u have that to spend and if u do ur gonna have to times that by 10 for all the other things neccesary for a good gro, its jus too much, one last thing, im sure this sites secure and all but lets say a pound is 2 grand ur at 700,000 worth of weed for an average succesful gro, jus wonder the lengths a narcer would go for discovering that, idk i really dont kno how to explain to u that this is a bad idea, but hey some people are dreamers and if u think u can do it and u understand the consequences. . . do it up
  16. How will you pump those 500 some odd gal of water? I hope you have or make a gas pump setup.

    ATV's! What! youll make a clean path right to your plots walk your lazy asses out there.

    Its not to late if you want 2oz plants. You only 3-4 weeks veg from clone to get that so you could plant in july. Why would you need a whole trailer to move plants and why are you going to grow in pots? Read my outdoor growguide and the organic plot sticky, read how i say to veg for one week form rooting then transplant in the solo cups. One big napsack should hold 30-40 plants.

    How and where do you plan to trim and dry all this bud? 15-22 hours a pound, youl need a whole crew unless if you want to save time, take a loss, speed dry it and make a few kilos of hash. Look for the aardvark trimmer ( http://www.betterthannature.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=597 http://www.ard-vark.com/) if you need to trim allot of buds, you'll need at least 3.

    And do you have fullproof serious buyer(s) this can be a weak spot or a dangerous spot if your dealing with the wring people selling this much bud.

    Take your time thisng it out do a small gro wfirst to get the concepts. you dont want to go through a whole grow only to realize you wasted tons of time and money on somehting stupid like growing in pots.
  17. Didn't you learn anything from the movie "BLOW"! Don't get too big on selling drugs. Don't try to get rich off of it because you will be more likely of being noticed and caught.

    Things I have learned in my one year of growing:
    If your going to grow outside, you might as well do it right.
    Never do patches. They are too obviose and if they are too close together, you will not get as much buds off of them as you possibly can. Patches are dangerouse. Very obviouse from the air as well. It is also risky to have too many plants in one area. If somebody finds one, then they will likely come back to look for the rest. I only put 5 plants maximum in an area.

    2 oz??? If you do it right, you can get close to 2 pounds like THUG said. How to do it right?

    20 large plants will be quite a hand full.

    Dig 20 to 30 gallon holes. And sift out any roots and rocks if nessesary. Add any nessesary nutrients or lime to soil if needed. We need to add lime and calcium down here. I do not know how it is where you are but you might be able to simply plant them right into the grownd. Burry a ten inch plant deep so that only a few inches are above the soil. That way, when it get's bigger, it will have a good root to support it. Remember that the plant will get 10 to 20 feet tall but you should top it a couple times to shorten it and increase kolo yield.

    I personally like to use a slow releasing 16-16-16 fertilizer. I don't know if there is anything better, it's just what I happen to use. I add Mag-Amp too. It's good to add different types of fert when it starts budding. Budding ferts.

    Good luck with your opperation.
    If you are going to do it, do it right.

  18. uh 20 ft tall????
  19. Yep, like a big christmas tree!

    1"/days to 1.5"/day



    160/30= 5 or 6 months.

    See, 20 feet is not unreasonable in southern areas if a plant is growing 1 to 1.5 inches per day. and has long enough of a season to grow. I'm told that you get more if you top it a few times and keep it an 8 foot bush.

    I only started planting in the summer or maybe even late summer and my plants grew over an inch per day and got to 7 feet. In a whole season, I should get alot more because that was only 3 months of growth. Oh yeah, and I topped it a couple times so there were four tops. All in 3 months. ...Well, no, actually now that I think about it, it took three months for it to bud but it kept growing while budding so it was probably 5 or 6 months. But from late summer until harvest in october, not bad I guess.
  20. plants have trouble reaching 7ft in st lucia which is more southern than jamaca by just a few miles

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