our planet...a life-form?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by ox38776, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. has there beem any scientific theory that our planet is a life form...i mean look at it as a whole. it grows and adapts, is made up of elements and some parts are cells, it takes in energy. it even responds to stimulis... and i have seen something on television where they measured the atmosphere and the co2 went up and down...just as if the planet was breathing.
  2. thats pretty deep..
  3. Yeh i tihnk it is a life form, but a dying one....look what we have done to it...
  4. perhaps our actions and the effect that it has on the planet i actually naturual...maybe on all planets with life a dominant species will rise and the effects it has on the planet is supposed to happen. maybe where not a virus....just the next step in the planets "evolution"

    we dont really have anything to support this by due to the fact that we have yet to discover life on other plantes, and due to the vastness of the universe there is a good chance we will never make that discovery

    perhaps in the not so distant future we will have the technology to not only restore the planet but make it better than it was before.
  5. hm.... i was just gonna explain why the earth isn't a lifeform..

    think of it like this..

    the universe is far stranger than you can ever imagine.

    i prefer to think of the universe as a machine...

    man.. i'll come back and say more when i've had some weed.
  6. we're the virus that kills the earth with co2 and the tree are like anti-virus/white cell things
  7. dude there wasnt even any significant amount of oxygen in the atmosphere until over a billion years after photosynthesising prokaryotic bacteria showed up and put it there
  8. your point?
  9. Good theory. I've never thought of our planet as being alive, but now that I do, it makes alot of sense. dr krapp is onto somethin I think...in all organisms, their are counter-acting elements that need eachother in order to live and together are essential for the organism in which they live to continue living. But I don't think that what we're doing to the Earth is "natural", that would make the next step in evolution for earth death. To add on to the original theory...maybe the universe is a multi-cellular organism in which each galaxy is a multi-cellular organism, as are planets in each galaxy.
  10. I think the Earth is a life form. However, despite what we do to it, it will still be here when humans are extinct.

    The Earth has it's own energy, which i believe we, as humans, pick up on. Kinda like Polarity, either positive or negative. *shrug*..i dunno.

    But that's how i see it.
  11. humans rock,

    and roll all night long, sweet suzie

  12. where is your proof

    just how the fuck do you know this

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