Our one true enemy..

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  1. Time. Just think about it, every problem, little or big, roots to time as the cause.
  2. time is relative, so are problems :)
  3. It's a constant fight.

    I don't think time is the root of every problem.. but the problem posed by time is far greater than any other problem.

    Time is both our best friend and greatest enemy.
  4. Well said, Mogwai. Well said.
  5. i would say the enemy is past and future. There aren't really any problems that happen now.

    we bring back the past which makes us feel bad, or we envision the future which also makes us feel bad.

    time is just a measurement of change
  6. Time is not merely a measurment. We quantified it but whether or not we had done that time would still exist.
  7. Time is the proccessing of an experience, or some bullshit like that
  8. [quote name='"BIGxBARE"']Time is not merely a measurment. We quantified it but whether or not we had done that time would still exist.[/quote]

    Time does not exist in the way we see it. Just like if we didnt use inches, inches of things would obviously still exist. So, lack of quantifying time just gets rid of hours days etc, but that which it is measuring and quantifying would still exist.

    Which is why I said time is a measurement of change.

    Time is the hours days measuring. "What time is it?" "5:23 PM Eastern Standard Time"
  9. "Time is always against us."
  10. time is only your enemy if you waste it
  11. Our biggest enemy is our biological nature, especially our limitations (i.e. death, etc).
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    ...is HUMAN nature...and all those fundamental flaws that go with it..

    Time is irrelevant

    *^to me
  13. i can see what you are saying and would agree if it were about watches and about clocks, but for time itself i cannot agree, because nature makes man have to deal with time...by the changing of seasons for farmers, for example and so does the cosmos by the changing fo the constellations for sailors...
  14. how do we know....how do we/you know death is not our best friend and greatly to be preferred over being alive...?...
  15. time is also a solution.
  16. its all about the human experience, if your thinking about time your not doing it right
  17. I'm still young, but trust me I'm gonna do it right. The reason I pondered time, was because I feel I will never have enough. Honestly, I want to learn everything there is to know about everything that is. Unfortunately time limits me. :(
  18. Your perception of time may be your enemy.
    But on the other hand Time heals
    Its all about perceptions
  19. the biggest enemy is manefestation of self and thinking for your self,

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