Our Nuclear Missles Are Being Disabled By UFOs.

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  1. I think it's time that the suffocation fear and secrecy get thrown out of the window. It's time to "Man-up" as a planet, and as a race of brothers and sisters.

    SOMETHING IS HAPPENING that our military officials cannot explain. It has been thoroughly investigated by precise and no-nonsense officials, and there is yet to be a cause determined.

    All over the world, in countries regardless of ethnicity, social standing, or class-value, Unidentified Flying Objects have been visiting nuclear missle sites and disabling nukes left and right. The catch that makes most people quiver with metaphorical fear? There is, and I quote, "irrefutable evidence as to the validity of this unexplained phenomena."

    I'm going to repeat that- countless times, the first case being in 1948, and spread ALL OVER this planet, hundreds of disc-shaped metallic objects have been observed hovering silently near various missle silos and then shooting off at unbelievable speeds, often in the blink of an eye. I'll link some official matters on the phenomena:

    On Larry King: http://youtu.be/aTrGF6tSwZM

    CNN - NPC - UFOs disable Nuclear Weapons - YouTube

    Sci-fi wars? Pilots say UFOs knocked out nukes | Technically Incorrect - CNET News

    Aliens 'hit our nukes': They even landed at a Suffolk base, claim airmen | Mail Online

    I consider myself a pretty intellegent guy, and I say that without any barriers or guards against what I feel myself to know. Let me repeat: I DO NOT LIKE TO KNOWINGLY HAVE MY INTELLEGENCE INSULTED.

    A while ago, I began to live by a very special phrase: "Take things as they come."

    Maybe we should start doing that collectively. I'm not saying these UFOs are aliens, or that they would travel millions of light years just to toy with us, what I'm saying is SOMETHING VERY REAL AND VERY FRIGHTENING is afflicting the only planet we live on. This is our home, this is our namesake. When our only lines of defense are being randomly shut off by a seemingly voiceless and transparent exotic technology, what do we do now?

    I love this community because there's a high concentration of deep thinkers. But I need you guys to step it up. Comment on this. Try to think...what can this possibly mean for me? What are the possible outcomes of this? What does it mean in the big picture? Why would an alien technology find precendence in disabling a planet's only line of self defense?

    In regards to thinking deeply, also think clearly. Make connections. For example, say they are aliens- somewhat alarming, I know - what would they want? If they can travel a distance that would deplete our earth's flimsy resources in a single trip, would they REALLY want our resources? Why disable our nukes when they can destroy us in a blink of an eye? Is there another reason for taking away our source of radiation? What does IT MEAN?

    You guys are fucking awesome. I say that with all of my heart. However, please realize that even though this does not initially concern you, THIS CAN QUITE POSSIBLY BE THE START OF THE MOST IMPORTANT CHAIN OF EVENTS IN OUR PLANET'S HISTORY.

    ...Let that sink in.
  2. Hmm nukes disabled? Sounds good to me
  3. Do you have any recent news on this? What sparked your interest in it?
  4. I think you should stick to weed... :poke:
  5. I suggest you check out the new book by Leslie Kean (the one that got me frightened and hooked by this subject): "Government officials, pilots and the military go on the record about ufos"

    It gives only the most unexplained sightings, usually seen by thousands at once, many of whom were top government and military officials with the most top secret military clearance. Well, they're retired now, and they have a bone to pick with UFO secrecy.

    One of the chapters in the book deals with how Fife Symington, governor of Arizona, saw a massive, silent black ship longer than 3 football fields hovering over Pheonix one night in 1997.. He wasn't alone. An estimated 15,000 also saw it, and there's a substantial amount of video evidence on the web.

  6. I'd love to stick to weed! :)

    You, however, shouldn't stick to any drugs if you're a big enough coward to hide your face when viewing a mirror of the most straight-forward evidence.

    Anyways, weed brings out the real you, so you probably know that already. :wave:
  7. them disabling nuclear missiles is old news . lol. and even if it is true, what do we do then? i went through my stage of studying aliens and space also..
  8. [quote name='"aznno0odles"']them disabling nuclear missiles is old news . lol. and even if it is true, what do we do then? i went through my stage of studying aliens and space also..[/quote]

    If all they're doing is disabling nukes then I'd like to say thank you lol

  9. We should rally to get our government's opinion on disclosure.
  10. They're hackers not ufo's.
  11. You high???
  12. I read a book, area 51 by Annie Jacobsen, refutes a lot of the UFO talk. I suggest looking into it.
  13. Little too far fetched for me, but I'm curious so I'll look into it.

    this seems more plausible

    Stuxnet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  14. Ufos as in unidentified fucking orientals

    It's the Chinese man
  15. You know, it's possible to come up with a less batshit crazy sounding title. Also, op and anyone else, might enjoy watching [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFBaTPpX6Qs]Thrive[/ame]. It starts out with stuff about aliens, free energy, and some sacred geometry stuff which might sound insane to some but it also covers things that have lots of evidence behind it such as the Federal Reserve, corporatocracy, etc.

  16. wrong, its unicorns, which have remained unidentified to exist for year, but they fly around (also frequently confused as a Pegasus, same shit different people) and fucking flash bright trippy lights and poop rainbows

    Their massive magnetic horns cause huge flux fields, which have disabled our nukes

    i thought you knew this already man.....

    Unicorns are Fucking us Over

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    Here's the full documentary

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vyVe-6YdUk]U.F.O DISCLOSURE PROJECT -FULL VERSION - YouTube[/ame]

  18. Even though I know that this thread is crazy nonsense, you think I'm still awsome :)

    No bro, you are awsome :hello:
  19. You must not worry about this. We will not be attacked. It was for our own safety, and to hint towards something in particular...

    Nuclear weapons would fail miserably at defending the planet, anyway. There really is no use for them.
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    It's a Cook Book Mr Chambers Don't get on that ship!

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