Our new bong

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  1. Yuppp

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  2. What does that label say?
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  4. Nice. Looks like it would have a bit of drag.
  5. The label says, CHINA

  6. That's funny, when I read it, it said "warning fragile glass"
  7. /\ Come on you guys, if it takes the smoke to your lungs then who cares where it was made, not everyone in the world has to have high quality glass...
  8. He only said it was made in China, no hating yet...lol
  9. Whoever is saying its cheap or low quality is a fucking idiot. It's a good 400$ piece
  10. Yikes, Sorry man you got taken. Sticker should've been 200 an you talked him down to 160.

  11. My mobius is a good 400$ peice, that is overpriced trash.
  12. damn 400...

  13. $400?! Dude i coulda made a better bong out of shit in my garbage can bro.
  14. Why is everyone hating on this? It's from a high end shop some very good glass. I don't see why you think it's a piece of shit. Please explain
  15. For your sake, I hope you're trollin
  16. Refer to the very first post in your thread for the answer.

    For many here, it is literally all about the damn label.

    For you however (as it should be with any bong owner, regardless of brand), if it works for you, then it works for you, and that's good enough. :D

    Smoke on, my friend. :smoking:
  17. I don't see any problems with it other than the price. But I'd never spend even $100 on a bong.
  18. What about the label? Is it a shitty brand or what? I didn't even throw money on it the kids I smoke with bought it and picked it out so I don't really care. I just don't know what is so bad about this glass
  19. It really doesn't matter the label it's all the same really. That'd be like saying different brands of clothes matter, they don't, they do their job whatever the brand is.
  20. I understand that I just don't get why people hate on this. I'd like to know what's "shitty"about it

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