Our mind works like this too..for some of us

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  1. The theory of ratios applied to us?

    I can only think to explain this with an example, bear me out.

    If you lose this many times, your that much closer to winning. This phrase can be used in many ways like If I study this many times, my grades will be better. Conditional statements basically.

    So using the ratio theory in bringing out of your creativity , the true being that you hide from others to "fit in".

    I used to draw, make jokes, and do stuff that required your intuitive and creative self.

    Out of the 100 drawings I do , i'm sure 10 of them were very damn good and spectacular. Out of the 100 jokes I say, i'm sure 10 of them make sense and are very damn good.
    Out of the 100 random ideas i get, I'm sure 10 of them are wonderful ideas.

    And the last 90 excess ideas are made , and people criticizie you. Some people stop after the criticism and I think that is a very bad idea. You will not only lose your creativness, you could've thought up some very interesting things and eventually some of them are pretty damn good ideas/jokes/drawings etc.

    I realized this ratios things a couple of days ago because most of us do this without even realizing it. All the musicians, they've failed, but they failed to get that much closer to winning and making great music. They didn't care about the commentary or insults about them. The world we live in right now is fucked up because no one follows their intuitive unique self. They all..well most of us follow the same belief system by going to school, doing homework, going to college, buying shit that they don't need. True happiness is what you love to do, but people are blind these days and just complain, WHY can't i be like a musician. You are what you think you are.

    Anyone else ever thought of this?
  2. Yeah I understand what you're saying, I basically do that same thing but in a different way. I see failure as a learning experience and a chance to improve, but in some situations its different for example:
    you said, "If you lose this many times, your that much closer to winning" which is not always true and what I mean is if I were to flip a coin and I lost, it doesn't mean the next flip I am any closer winning, therefore it's conditional.
  3. very true.. people limit themselves all the time based on the criticism and commentary of others. hell, we all do it--it seems like human nature. I think that to become an individual you have to resist that tendency though, and begin questioning in nearly EVERYTHING you do, asking what you feel for yourself, as opposed to what others tell you to do or expect of you.

    But on top of that there is the difficulty in finding a balance between resisting the countless aspects of our society that encourage you to be a follower and at the same time being willing to accept the sometimes-valuable advice of others... sort of like tiptoeing through being, caught in the middle of two extremes... i guess that's just life.


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