Our major crops may be killing us

Discussion in 'General' started by BubbleFunker, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Well that has to do with the processing, not the actual plants themselves.

    At least that's what I got by giving a peripheral scan of the articles.
  2. yeah...corn in of itself isnt bad for you, but you get NOTHING from it..youre body cannot process corn at all so its basically useless
  3. Food may be medicine or poison. It's good to be aware of it though.
  4. i totally agree bubble! and that some foods in moderation are great for you but too much is literally a poison...i think stuff liek that is funny in a sence

  5. That kinda stuff is called irony.
  6. Most of those things in their whole form are good for you. I dont eat soy because of its estrogen mimicking ability. Whole what is great for you, its loaded with complex carbs, fiber and plenty of nutrients. Corn is also great. Its what they do to the stuff that makes it so bad ie) high fructose corn syrup made from corn is used to sweeten pretty much everything in North America because its much cheaper than sugar.
  7. even if it isnt killing humans,

    its destroying the economy.
  8. get the fuck outta here.... every fuckin year this or that was once healthy but now causes fucking diseases

    with you people believin this shit pretty soon the only way to not get cancer or die in your 50's will be to take a daily supplement pill, that'll have some shit in it to make you a robot on dope with zero ability to want to change anything
  9. Are you referring to biofuels or something I'm unaware of?

    Either way, I'd be interested to hear you elaborate.
  10. yea i've always strayed away from soy but I do love rice and soy sauce- which is good, because I recently read that the soy in soy sauce doesn't contain the toxins that create estrogen.
  11. Didn't your momma ever tell you not to tango with a carrot?


    Luckily carrots aren't one of our major crops, but for how long?
  12. My family is obsessed with soy food, hopefully this will get them to stop eating it.

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