Our Legal system and MJ, Important, everyone view!

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  1. Ok, this is not about a new law, this is a poll to see how effective our (USA) "War on Drugs" truly is.

    So in the poll, I want everyone to be 100% honest, and you are welcome to post what you said.

    I will ask you, how long has it been since you were caught with any possession of Marijuana, Paraphernalia, Resin, or any other Marijuana only related charge.

    I don't think the poll results will surprise anyone, but I want to start getting back into the Activism of Marijuana. I have been laid back the past couple of months, and its not fair to our members and other activist here.

    So without further ado.
  2. you forgot to have an option for never,,, which i would have selected. if your not a dumbass you reduce your chance of being caught alot.
  3. Sorry for the DB. I chose 2-2 1/2 years. I have only been smoking MJ steadily since Feb 07. I was Illegally searched once, a hookah piece with resin was found, but my 2 ounces wasn't :D. So I have never been busted for Marijuana.
  4. Son a a bitch, your right. I will contact a mod and see if I can get that added
  5. I've never been caught
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    Been smoking for 2 1/2 years about. Just got caught this year on 4/19 at like 1130pm. Shitty way to start 4/20...I lost a quarter (I had much more back in my room though) and my friend lost a half of some dankety dank purple headies that we had just picked up. So yea I chose last 6 months

    Edit: I forgot to mention, we didn't get charged or anything. They just took the weed and tried to scare us for an hour or so.
  7. Never been charged, although I've had a dimebag thrown out by a cop and a friend's bong was busted.
  8. I got busted 3 months ago for smoking a joint with a friend behind a factory around 1030 pm. Then the cops proceeded to search me finding 3 joints.

    Cost of lawyer was 1,300$
    fine was 125$
    drug class 250$

    total $ 1675 over 3 joints. Something is wrong in this world
  9. Never, been smoking for almost 11 years

  10. toke on bra!
  11. i've been lucky so far.

    EDIT: in the 7 years of blazing, i've had 3 "too close for comfort" encounters. Once in which me & my friend were both a little drunk & there was either a QP or a HP on the backseat...i don't remember exactly, it was 3 years ago. Around midnight, got pulled over cuz my buddy kept hitting the brakes to try to scare the hiccups out of me. Got pulled over literally IN the Jack in the Box drive through.

    both passed minor sobriety tests, let me go with MIC. THANK GOD.
  12. 25 year smoker.. never busted.. *knocks on something*
  13. i didn't vote because i'm canadian, but i've never been busted.
    only been smoking for about... 4-5 years, though.
  14. A few close calls, but never been busted. Only been smoking ~8 months now though.
  15. Never busted for cannabis. Just tresspassing...which landed me 3 years of probation.
  16. Got arrested right after 9/11 in my parents' home while they were out of town. My sister called the paramedics because I'd had a panic attack/psychotic break and was catatonic in my bathroom. (Was "conscious" and could hear everything but couldn't move or respond.)

    Cops showed up first, proceeded to search the house without a warrant or permission, opened the closed door to my bedroom, and found my stash jar.

    When the paramedics showed up they wouldn't let them treat me at first. In case I "had a knife". One of them kicked me in the small of the back "to see if I was faking" so hard that there was a purple bruise there for several days afterwards.

    I was roused with smelling salts and instead of being taken to the hospital or a psych ward they took me to lock up. I had to beg the officer to let me get dressed first since I was in my underwear at the time.

    My lawyer was going to get it thrown out for blatant search & seizure violations, but the arresting officer was "on vacation" on my court date and couldn't testify. CONVENIENT! So the prosecutors agreed to drop all charges. How very nice of them.
  17. Fuck yeah man. Thats what Im talking about.
  18. almost 2 decades, spotless record, not even a speeding ticket

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