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Our Generation: Fucked Over or Fucked Up

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cannabliss88, May 21, 2010.

  1. I try hard to stay positive and avoid stereotyping ANY group so long as they're not hurting anyone but I have to ask:

    What the fuck is wrong with our generation?!?

    People will blame their parents or blame society or any other convenient scapegoat but when are people gonna wake up to the fact that WE are society, we ARE the government and if all we do is sit around and be good little consumers playing video games all day with money and bling bling our top priorities we're nothing but slaves to the corporate world.

    Why doesn't anyone seem to care anymore. Is the status quo ok for everyone cause it sure as hell aint the world I wanna live in.

    I just want to know why my generation (I'm 21 by the way) seems to have turned back to materialistic corporate America. We're trying to fit in, fit the mold instead of stand out and rock the boat.

    I think this is why we can't get things changed. We have the power but were too lazy to get of the couch.
  2. I think the technology boom the past 2 decades has a lot to do with it. For our parents (I'm 21 also, and I often ask myself the same thing, and wish I had lived in the old days, honestly), they didn't have the luxury of sitting on the couch and starting up a video game, like you said. They had to go outside and find shit to do, find something to occupy their time. It's too easy for us nowadays to just zone out and "fit the mold," as you say. Everything is already at our fingertips, so I think many of us just simply don't want to exert the energy to stand out and do something different.
  3. I go to work every day, I pay my bills, take care of my girlfriend and family, I do community service (usually around 5-15 hours a week), and I work volunteer at a foster home. I also go to parties, smoke weed, and do nothing but sit on my couch or work on my car(s) in my free time.

    I like my life.

    That might seem OT, but I say that to say this:

    Who gives a shit what our generation is doing? My life hasn't changed much in the past 10 years other than for the better. It might not be blazing fast progress or what my ideal government would be, but it's still progress.
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    Our generation is filled with pussies who can't take of their shit. I don't think it's technology so much as we rely on technology instead of ourselves. We don't take responsibility for our actions and pass the blame instead of accepting the consequences of our actions. Materialism is natural but it gets out of hand when you determine your self worth on the things you have, and what you will to to other people to get that wealth. And you have a choice in being a slave to corporations or not. That is like blaming the fast food industry because your fat. They did not make you fat since you chose to eat their food. Again it all comes back to personal responsibility.
  5. You have a point. I actually think the internet is a great thing overall because of the freedom it gives us to express ourselves and connect but I agree its way too easy to just zone out and and stay inside all day.
  6. you're right, it seems as if the american dream is coming back :p people now just want to buy their stuff, get home, eat and watch lost.

  7. Theres nothing wrong with the way you're living. I commend you for your community service.

    I give a shit. Glad to hear you've been doing well and your helping others. It makes me feel good to hear that your doing your part and it makes me angry when I see how people could care less. It matters because nobody is an island and our generation has the ability to shape the world like none who have come before us.
  8. It is a great thing, to a certain extent, and it depends on your feelings towards it. It does allow us to express ourselves a lot easier and more widespread, and information can spread like fucking wildfire. There's nothing we are really in the dark about because we can Google it. So yeah, the wealth of information and ability to speak and be heard (or read, or seen (Youtube)) is just about limitless. Sometimes that shit scares me, though. Like I said, I think I would like to have lived in the old days, like my parents' generation, where they could be happier with what they had because they didn't know fucking everything that was out there, as we do...

    I say it scares me because, in my probably (hopefully) unrealistic opinion, we soon won't even be motivated to go out and see a family member or go on a date or go to a party. We can just Facebook it. I don't know, it worries me the boom in technology because it seems like it's not going to stop, and we'll soon be run by computers or some shit... I remember at a party a long time ago, overhearing some guy talking about going home to tend to his Farmville plants... That shit worries me.
  9. We do, you're absolutely right. The people who could care less is on a track to become the majority, wasting that opportunity and ability, abusing it...
  10. Quoted for truth :smoke:
  11. untill freedom is legalized I believe we are getting fucked over. Though we are certainly not the first gen to get fucked over so I dont believe its personal.
  12. 'Til freedom is legalized.. I like that. Damn true.
  13. guys guy guys, our generation is still young, you think our parents generation did everything all the time? you guys are around 21, i'm 18 about 2 turn 19 myself just finally settled on a college, half our generation is still in HS or in college like me, we havent had the oppertunity 2 really do much yet, but we are definatly smarter and more fast paced then our parents generation, as for sitting at home all day, ppl are social animals, theres only so much solitude they can take, i dont think its a bad thing 2 have luxuries at our fingertips, communication is one of the main things that seperates us from the other animals and the less successful sub-human species that died out through the centuries and our generation definatly excells at that, our luxuries are just speeding up evolution if you think about it, basically the point is i think we've got our foot in the door for something great, just give it time, our parents generation still runs the earth, when they die we'll have our turn, till then just keep on smoking weed :smoke:
  14. Because the ones of us out here that live differently in a way that is deemed "deviant" by society are profiled and locked up. Black, white, brown, yellow, color indiscriminate. I'm not saying racial profiling doesn't exist, it's just as prevalent as ever. I'm saying those who dare to live outside of the box have no solace in race, we are all equally as doomed (as it should be). Once you are locked up you have something like a 3% chance of successfully completing your probation, and there both starts and ends the cycle, it is unforgiving, nigh unbreakable. That's why we cling to our material objects because who knows how long we'll have them. Ideology, philosophies, it's all beautiful before you see how bullshit the whole system is; those ideologies are replaced by bitterness and a lust for money rather than self improvement.

    I'll put my stock in cash any day of the week, yadamean? And my shit'll be gone almost as fast as I get it because who knows when you'll be that dude in your shorts in the middle of the night being led out of your house.

    Nobody believes in Karma, or religion anymore, those are Opium of the masses. People just want something they can hold onto. Can't blame em.
  15. [ame=]YouTube - Lessons of My Father: Depussification[/ame]

    This is how I feel about your generation.
  16. I'm 25 and I've thought about this concept a lot.

    I believe that our generation has the potential of becoming the next greatest generation. More so than our grandparents did. Perhaps it is hubris but:

    Brokaw's Greatest Generation:
    Great Depression
    World War II
    Incredible Economic prosperity as a result of other countries being leveled after WWII
    Surviving Herbert Hoover

    Our Generation
    Surviving George Bush
    Worst Economic Downfall since the Great Depression
    Telescoping technology, it has become more important to know how to find information than to actually know information
    The Earth is getting smaller in terms of communications and travel we have to compete on a global scale not just national scale.
    Surviving Reagonomics
    Corporations having more rights than humans

    The lists for both can go on but those are important to me. I agree a lot of people our age are willing to become materialists. It's sad. But I think we have demonstrated already that there exists those of us who are willing to strive to be better and have an impact. Those are the people who will define us, not those who want to fall by the wayside.
  17. i didnt read the thread, so i dont know if someone covered this but i voted other and thought i would explain. Its kinda hard to compare our generation to the past, with all the technological advances. Everything is automated, and our generation expects everything done for us. I never really realized this until i spent a couple months in the Arizona mountains, with just a knife and very small amounts of food. You will never believe how much you take for granted (toilets are a big one). Our generation expects there cell phones (which are ridiculous in and of themselves) to be able to call, text, browse the internet, tell us directions, answer our questions etc... when i see those Verizon and At&t commercials i want to puke, they are flaming the other company for slow download speeds and shit. SLOW DOWNLOAD SPEEDS?!?! you are fucking downloading shit that has been bounced all around the world, and arrives in your hands, and you want to complain about download speeds? its ridiculous, iPhones are essentially palm sized PC's. its corrupting our generation, and we are a bunch of spoiled little brats because of it who complain about everything but expect other people to fix our problems.
  18. I. am. AWESOME.

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