Our Generation, 50 years from now

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  1. I was thinking about my late grandmother today (god bless her) and how she would always sing songs on the radio from when she was a teenager in the 50s. She would sing elvis and all that haha. So, my point is, will our generation be rapping along to Eminem and Jay-Z in the car and blasting some nirvana and r.a.t.m while our grandchildren are in the car?? Something about that just seems odd haha.
  2. "
    Guess whos back, back again
    Shadys back, tell a friend
    Guess who's back, guess who's back,
    guess who's back
    Guess who's back...

    It's going to drive them nuts lol.
  3. As did the concept of listening to the Rolling Stones 50 years after their prime to their contemporary youth.
  4. Assuming my generation makes it another 50 years... What with all the cancer.
  5. I will not be playing eminent all that bill shit music I will be as ring real music rock and metal /m\
  6. That would be rather strange, hearing an Eminem track in the elevator...lol
  7. Our generation 50 years from now? Mandatory planted chips inside our head to track our every movements, drones in the sky recording everyone's moves, actions and conversations. Internet being regulated, phones tapped world wide, in other words, a new age of mental slavery.
  8. Its going to be a weird in 50 years.
  9. Well I promised myself I'd be a cyborg by then.
  10. I'm definitely still going to play my shit!

    Its going to be crazy to be like..
    "those damn kids don't know what music is anymore!"

    I'm definitely going to make fun of all the people in 50 years that are still playing LMFAO. They'll be like see this is music.. and I'll be like "STFU!!"
  11. Old people blastin dubstep haha
  12. this generation is gonna troll the fuck out of the next
  13. i'm going to be that 50 year old dad who raps the new songs, just to piss off my kids.
  14. no ill be listening to black sabbath still.

    people goin nowhere, taken for a ride
    lookin for the answers that they know inside
  15. Psh.

    I already decided after I turn 70 I'm only allowed to listen to Tupac, Biggie and NWA.
  16. We'd be the old people who wouldn't take any $hit, ever

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