Our first indoor grow..all different strains...

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    hey hey hey all just wanted to give you a picture update of DJ SHORT BLUEBERRY she is now all dried..she looked like alot more while drying..but now we are going to cure her, and i think im going for a 3-6 month cure...6months i hear is ideal for DJ BLUEBERRY...i dont think i can make it that long lol...lots of trichs , my cam just doesnt do it justice...

    just wanted to give you a couple pics..

    Happy Growin


    The CannabisCouple

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  2. gonna try and take more blueberry dried pics in a few...stay tuned!
  3. You guys are going to smoke yourselves insane with all that weed! NICE! LOL You will never get bored of any particular strain for sure. It must be like taking a masters (crash) course in strain management!
  4. heres more pics...

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  5. Hey Hey Hey there laterSkater....
    this is our 2nd grow all together our first grow we grew 2 plants 1 got ate up my mites lol...so we went in hard with our 1st indoor with different strains...gotta see what we like the best...
    so far for me pineapple diesel and bubba kush x green candy they are the ones...but grape ape has so many trichs already u never know what could happen.. lol

    thanks for stoppin by..hope u cont. to check out our pics...we are excited to be growin..

    CHEERS!!! Happy Growin

    The CannabisCouple
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    hey hey all week 6 starts as of 2morrow but thought i would post today..

    thanks for stoppin by...i just am missing 1 or 2 plants in this i think i will take hte pics 2morrow...
    pics in order
    1 casey jones
    2 white widow
    3-4 grape ape
    5 blue dream
    6 atf #2
    7 cherry ak 47 #1
    Happy Growin


    The CannabisCouple

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  7. cont...

    pics in order..

    1 purple voodoo
    2 bubba kush x green crack
    3-4 pineapple diesel
    5 bubba kush x green crack

    Thanks for stoppin by!!

    Happy Growin'


    The CannabisCouple

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  8. will take pics of cherry #2 atf #1 and strawberry 2morrow..

  9. today is week 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoohooo we are almost there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Nice growing and kickass selections y'all :).
  11. Impressive selection, and everything is looking beautiful. Ill be watching and stickin around for what looks to be a very nice harvest :)
  12. 3-6 months?? After a month Id be like a kid the day before xmiss, gotta open it now! lol...

    looking sweet....

  13. hey hey hey there Octagonal Home.
    Thanks for stopppin thru...we wanted to try out strains since we didnt know what we would really like...
    come thru again. the girls are really getting their 2nd wind now and bulkin up..


    The CannabisCouple


    Thanks for stoppin thru...the city of trees dispensary was good to us, so we were lucky to get some good strains and lookin for more currently so we are ready for our next grow ;)

    Come back by again!!!!


    The CannabisCouple

  15. okay i must tell u the truth...........we blew that after a few bbq's we was havin lol..still a some left...but we indulged with the friends......that shit didnt have a chance...was wonderful smoke....even at this point lol hoping now to let the rest sit lol
  16. 2 known plants...are hermie....cherry ak #1 and the widow..both of them on opp sides of the room........what is a girl to do.........i had sum options..chop them early...but ww is way way too early...make hash....make eats....or keep em going...

    What would this to do the rest of the girls if i left a "bi" in the mix......
  17. Possibly pollinate them.

    These are plants that you guys grew from seeds or clones? And how bad is the hermiation, how many "ball" sites are there.. are they on every node, some nodes, one node...

    I would consider picking them off and moving forward with regular checks and picking off balls as they sprout up. I have seen others go through a whole grow this way, and ended up still having nanners in the finished buds. But, hash and eddibles are not a bad way to use some bud. Plus, no cure time ;) I had the same issue pop up for one of my plants in my first grow. I pulled the balls, applied one of those gimmick "reverse" products, and ended up with no more balls and a great harvest. Cherry AK sounds like to much of a good thing, id try to keep her around. But, if you let the hermies stick around your garden you run the risk of pollinating other girls in your garden with possible hermie genetics.

    Now, I gotta ask, are there other stresses that could have caused this? (Heat, light leaks, irregular light schedule)
  18. HEY HEY THERE ;)
    these plants were all clones.....i pulled like 6 ding dongs off cherry 4 off white widow...only on a few branches not on the whole plant thank goodness..
    hubby will make the call on this...but i thought i would get advice on here first...
    we had so major issues the first 2 weeks or so of flowering we had mitessssssssssssssssssss like crazyyyyy so we did the miticide but didnt ph it really well and pissed off voodoo cherry #1 whitewidow and strawberry cough...the rest were fine...but boy those girls we so mad at us and we have been paying for it on those since..i thought WW just started to really FINALLY take off but 1 branch have lil wee wee's lol no "balls" yet tho lol..........(im sorry but from my girls point of view its awful speaking like this lol)
    im going to try and pick em off i guess but i cannot afford to effect my other plants..u know..
  19. so really .... i just need to get them the hell out of the room becuz just incase i miss some i dont want my girls to get pregnant correct?
    wow only 2 plants and my widow and cherry...if i can mix the strains..that would be the BOMBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB .. but not sure about this whole thing lol.....what do the "bananas" turn into??? is it the "balls" that turn into the seed..becuz i have no "balls" i can see lol

  20. jbyrdddddddddddddddd u were right... damn this cherry ak47....my cherry #1 plant just turned bi!!!! damn damn damn. thank goodness i have 1 more cherry..hope same doesnt happen to her!

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